Just a few years ago, augmented reality (AR) was in its infancy for retailers. Now, they use it more often. Thus, we examine augmented reality and holiday shopping 2021.

Before reading this post, review these updated definitions from PC Magazine encompass both AR and VR (virtual reality):

(Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality) Refers to computer-generated simulations that integrate the real world (AR) or are entirely self-contained (VR). AR applications let you move around in the real world. With VR, you have to remain in the same location because you cannot see your surroundings. 


Applying AR: Augmented Reality and Holiday Shopping 2021

For the  following discussion, we turn to NexTech AR Solutions’ recent report:

AR technology is becoming more popular. It can be experienced in a browser (Web AR) or app by simply scanning a QR code with a smartphone. 66% of consumers believe QR codes make life easier in this new contactless world.

40% of shoppers would pay more for a product if they could experience it in AR.13 Consumers become more confident in their purchase, leaving no room for surprises when a product arrives. Resulting in a 25% reduced return rate.

A customer purchasing your product shouldn’t be your final goal. The hard part comes next – keeping them engaged and loyal to your brand. With AR, consumers gain unlimited access to information. Making it easy to jump from brand to brand. If they get their problem solved elsewhere, there’s no reason to stay. A simple QR code, activated by a smartphone, adds a layer of enhanced functionality to your product packaging. Enabling it to interactively work with AR. It’s all about giving them the extra content they want and expect, without the search effort.

For further insights, view the infographic.

Augmented Reality and Holiday Shopping 2021


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