As we noted many times before, Internet security and privacy are still not getting better. Therefore, companies need to allow consumers to better manage their privacy. Although problems remain In Europe, at least serious steps have been taken to improve. Thanks to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Unfortunately, the United States lags behind.


It’s Time to Allow Consumers to Better Manage Their Privacy

With the preceding in mind, we turn to a recent article by Hamish Brocklebank for Advertising Age:

While tech giants work to remove third-party cookies and implement stricter privacy policies, marketers face this burning question. How can they precisely serve audiences ads without cookies? While meeting the increasing demand for more ethical data privacy standards? The answer is surprisingly simple: Give consumers more control over their data. Cookies remain one of the most popular ways that advertisers build targeted audiences. But nearly half of U.S. consumers say they don’t have a great understanding, if any, of how cookie IDs function. According to YouGov data. That gap in understanding can lead to a lack of trust between brands and consumers. 

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of consumers report they have little to no trust in the apps in regards to protecting their data. And yet half also don’t often or never read the terms and conditions before downloading an app. Communicating with consumers about how their data use shouldn’t rely solely on them reading the often lengthy terms and conditions. Often written in legal jargon.

The rising demand for data transparency points to the need for a shift in how data is collected. One that puts consumers first. As an industry, we need to shift the norm so that consumers are more aware of what happens to their data. And that they have a say in its use. Allowing consumers to monetize their data creates a marketplace that both gives consumers control of where their data ends up. While allowing brands to better understand their audience through more robust, connected data streams. 

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Allow Consumers to Better Manage Their Privacy
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