Yesterday, we looked at updates to the Occupational Outlook Handbook. Here, we present lots more career tips. 

We previously presented two posts from today’s source The Muse:


Observations from The Muse: Lots More Career Tips

As Lily Herman reports for The Muse:

We know, you want great career advice. But sometimes, you just don’t have time to read lengthy articles or books. Well, today, you’re in luck: We’ve distilled some of the best-ever advice on The Daily Muse into bite-sized chunks that you can scan in a matter of seconds. Or, better yet — that you can share with your entourage! Each tip is 140 characters or fewer, so you can easily copy and paste your favorites to share with your followers all over the Web.

Consider these ten of The Muse’s 101 tips. To learn more, click the relevant URLs:

  • People who master the job hunt build up the psychological know-how to get through a sometimes soul-crushing process.
  • When it comes to searching for open positions online, big job boards aren’t the answer anymore.
  • The first step after getting laid off: Mourn the loss and move on.
  • Love the job you have? Good — keep looking at other jobs anyway.
  • Fun fact: Hiring managers couldn’t care less where you went to college.
  • A tip for getting a job before graduation: Have a resume or cover letter party with your friends.
  • Mistaking a recruiter as your career confidante can mean the difference between getting a position and hitting a dead end.
  • To see which startups have recently raised money (and, um, will be hiring ASAP), follow @vcdeals.
  • To avoid bias in your job hunt, hold off on reading company reviews until you snag an interview.
  • Sending in your resume on Monday can up your chances of landing the job.

To access all 101 tips, click the image.

Observations from The Muse: Lots More Career Tips


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