Social responsibility encompasses various topics. As we have discussed. For marketers, product safety is crucial. No matter how controversial the product is. Thus, kids and guns – a tough PSA should be a message with widespread appeal. We all want our kids to be safe.


From Grey New York: Kids and Guns – A Tough PSA

Although gun ownership is a highly controversial subject, child safety is a common goal.

According to David Griner, reporting for Adweek:

Unboxing videos are generally upbeat and charming clips in which children (or young-at-heart adults) open up a new product. And then explore all its packaging and features.

But agency Grey New York takes the format a much darker place. With a PSA called “Best Unbox Ever With Cayden.” In it, a fictional 8-year-old unboxes his parents’ unsecured handgun. Cayden shows off every angle of the gun, placing his fingertip over the muzzle and even toying with the trigger. We quickly realize the gun is — as one should assume all guns are — loaded.

The PSA, from States United to Prevent Gun Violence, aims to highlight a statistic that 4.6 million children live in homes with unlocked guns. The organization calls on firearm owners to take responsible steps to keep guns away from children, while also teaching kids what to do if they ever come across a gun.

Specifically, the organization wants parents to keep guns locked (via trigger lock, barrel cable or both), unloaded and kept in a safe or similar secured storage. The group also advises keeping ammunition stored separately from the associated guns.


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