Last month, we discussed Digital Activity by Generation. Now, we build on this topic. And study social media interest by generation. In this post, we especially look at the lagging behavior of baby boomers.


A New Study: Social Media Interest by Generation

As reported by Mark Dolliver, writing for eMarketer:

“In August 2019, Adobe Advertising Cloud and Advanis’ published a detailed ‘Voice of the Generations’ report. Interestingly, just 33% of baby boomers surveyed in July agreed that ‘there is a place for companies interacting with individual people on social networks, forums, and/or messaging sites.’ In contrast, the figure rose to 49% among Gen Xers, 63% among millennials, and 69% among Gen Zers.”

“The survey defines Gen Zers as those born between 1996–2001. Millennials as those born between 1977–1995. Gen Xers as those born between 1965–1976;. And baby boomers as those born between 1946–1964.”

Why are baby boomers more hesitant? According to Statista:

“Boomers’ wariness about interacting with brands on social media likely reflects a general unease about digital privacy. In fact, the survey found that 43% of boomers endorsed the statement, ‘I worry about how my data is used all the time.’ On the other hand, just 14% of Gen Zers and 20% of millennials said the same. As did 31% of Gen Xers.”

The chart summarizes some key findings.

Social Media Interest by Generation.

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  1. Well now it makes sense why people I’ve spoken to in the Boomer generation have no idea of what I’m talking about when I mention the “Ok Boomer” trend thats been going on. Social media has moved from being a friends and family only space to becoming a huge business platform. That digital privacy wariness could be preventing them from having new customer experiences as well – some of which may be beneficial to them.

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