Interested in applying for a job at multiple companies? If yes, do you customize your resume for each firm? For the best chance of success, customizing your resume is a must.

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From Glassdoor: Customizing Your Resume

Glassdoor is a leading global job search and recruiting site. According to an in-depth article written for it by Emily Moore:

“You might have heard before that one of the best ways to grab a recruiter’s attention is by tailoring your resume to each position you apply to. To many people, this is an intimidating idea — after you spend so much time creating a great first resume, the thought of repeating the process for each new job you apply to sounds like a tremendous time-suck.” 

“The good news? Tailoring your resume doesn’t mean having to recreate the wheel each time. No matter what job you’re applying to, there are a number of things you can keep consistent while still customizing others. Here’s a quick run-through on what items on your resume should change for each job you apply to, and what can stay the same.”

“Once you have a solid first resume, you can largely keep the same outline and structure for subsequent applications. For example, on the following resume, you could keep the same top-down format of contact info, key skills, prior work experience, education and additional experience.”

Things to change — (1) Professional Summary or Objective Statement. (2) Career Accomplishments and Highlights. (3) Skills and Strengths. (4) Additional Experience. (5) Layout and Style. (6) Order of Your Work History.” 

To learn more about each point, click the image.

Customizing Your Resume


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