As we previously noted, Mobile Ads Keep on Booming in 2018. Yet, firms should still use traditional marketing to boost mobile apps. In this post, we see how.

Drew Page of Siege Media serves as our guest blogger. Drew provides the content. The infographic comes from CleverTap.

Use Traditional Marketing to Boost Mobile Apps

Mobile marketing remains a new and still foreign concept to many businesses. As consumers pay less attention to cable, newspapers, magazines, and radio, marketers need new ways to reach their audience. The old media provided tried and true forms of advertising. So, how do you re-implement those tactics into new media?

New media represent any form of communication via the Internet. Technology continues to innovate by providing consumers with easier and faster access to the Internet Anywhere and anytime! People often pay attention to different things at different times. Gone are the days of reaching most of your audience with one television ad. It’s crucial that your business develop a mobile marketing strategy.

Digital display ads appear on Web sites, social media, and apps. And they often can provide external links to your content. Also, they can include images, text, video, and even sound. So how can you make a successful display ad? You can analyze metrics gleaned from traditional forms of advertising. For example, a billboard is generally viewed for only four seconds. Therefore, should you include a video as part of your display ad, the most exciting content should be within the first four seconds.

Consumer statistics from traditional marketing don’t just apply to display ads. The data can be used to figure out how important your header is or how many repetitions you should use. Check out the infographic from CleverTap below to learn more about how you can use traditional marketing expertise to boost your digital marketing strategy.

Use Traditional Marketing to Boost Mobile Apps

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  1. Digital Marketing is the way to go forward in future. Digital Marketing is the most effective form of marketing, since it helps grab audiences’ attention much quicker. Posting ads on Social Media yields a higher response from people then traditional form of marketing. We still need traditional marketing because there are people who don’t understand technology much. In digital marketing, I believe text messages yields a much faster response from people because to use social media we need internet and by using text message we avoid that problem.

  2. Without a strong digital marketing department, a company would not be able to thrive in todays market. People are constantly on their phones and browsing the internet. Other forms of advertising have truly become less useful and somewhat irrelevant. Social media marketing is an extremely important component of digital marketing. Advertisements embedded into social media are easily able to grab the attention of consumers. Certain markets still rely on other forms of marketing to reach their consumer pool if the consumers do not generally use digital platforms. Digital marketing is absolutely the most important form of marketing at the moment.

  3. Digital marketing is only going to get more useful in the future with the advancement of technology and social media. It grabs the consumers attention more quickly and easier. For example, when you look something up online, and you scroll through Instagram after and an ad for that product pops up on your feed, it makes you more interested. It is also an easier way to communicate and show other people the product you are interested in.

  4. Digital marketing is evidently one of the most effective ways to reach a wider group of people and attract customers. Majority of the population has access to online services, so for a company to brand themselves on that platform could really drive their success. I am surprised that digital advertising has only grown to 42%; I thought it would be higher. There are so many creative ways a company could use online sources to grasp the attention of others such as the use of social media. Most people have constant ability to be online, especially with their phone in hand, so I do believe that digital marketing has potential to being even more effective and have a bigger impact on companies and consumers with in the next few years.

  5. I especially like the Eduardo Galeano quote within the CleverTap infographic stating, “History never really says goodbye. History says, see you later.” mentioned in reference to traditional marketing techniques.

    The pitfalls of online advertising will be the same as those from traditional advertising in the past. The overload from a flood of advertising creates the opposite of the intended impact: consumers tune out and become blind to it. We mentally filter and tune out the “noise.”

    • The challenge for businesses? Businesses today are faced with continual pressure to be “cutting edge” to attract and maintain consumers’ attention.

    • The answer? Take traditional guerilla marketing digital.

    It just goes to show you that history circles back around, even in a modified fashion.

  6. Most people are online throughout the day. Consumers use their phone for so many different things. Digital marketing advertising will continue to increase, just like online shopping has increased over the past few years. People and businesses need to just get comfortable with it. Companies need to use digital marketing to touch all different consumers. The display ads should be on more than one form of social media. Examples are Instagram, Facebook, Display Ads, and Paid Search. The more the consumer sees the ad, the more likely they are able to remember that specific product.

  7. In today’s society, many can’t go more than a few minutes without looking at their phones. It’s not shocking that marketing had to find a new medium to get their ideas and products across. It shocking to see that digital marketing is only 42% of ads, I would have believed it to be much higher now that it appears in most applications and social medias. It’s a great strategy because they’re exposing us to their products that are embedded into our daily lives.

  8. Digital advertising is rising to become the top marketing strategy among companies. Billions of people constantly look at their smart phones/watches/glasses- whatever daily and see all kinds of ads everyday. I think every company should engage in digital marketing at some point, but that doesn’t mean they should stop all other kinds of advertising also. Although they’ve become less effective (in my opinion), billboards are still a great way to get advertisements seen.

  9. Digital marketing is quickly becoming more and more relevant in today’s society. A company that fails to adapt this method is unlikely to be successful in capturing a consumer’s interest. However, those that take the opportunity to adapt while using the metrics to their advantage are likely to attract more business. This transition is hardly surprising, considering that our population is constantly exposed to social media.

  10. Marketing is constantly evolving to keep up with advancing technology. When I was younger, I remember marketing was heavily focused on tv and radio commercials. Now, I rarely watch tv or listen to the radio because of netflix, recording shows, and spotify. Now I noticed most of the ads I see are on the internet and social media. If I look at a product I notice that a few hours later an ad for that exact product pops up on my social media feeds. It is crazy how specific advertising has become to each individual person.

  11. An advertisement really needs to have an eye-catching image that relates to the product or service. Even social media advertising, although quick, needs to be concise but pertinent. This will interest the consumer to maybe click the ad rather than skip it for viewing it as something that is useless. It needs to grasp the consumer’s attention from the onset or else it is basically just a wasted advertisement.

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