Despite some recent difficulties (click here), Facebook remains a dominant social media platform. It has been affected by privacy issues. Its policies about advertising, And a lack of transparency. Thus, Facebook is studying several new initiatives. One question to ask consumers: Would members pay for an ad-free Facebook experience?  [Would YOU be willing to pay for an ad-free Facebook?]


Would Members Pay for an Ad-Free Facebook Experience?

To answer this question, let us turn to observations from

“Is an ad-free Facebook a feasible strategy? The scrutiny of Facebook’s ad practices has ramped up following the Cambridge Analytica revelations and the fake news crisis. Also in play: the EU’s adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Thus, the idea of Facebook charging users who don’t want to see ads a monthly subscription fee seems to be one possible remedy. But eMarketer’s analysis, highlighted in a report last month, finds the price that it would have to charge consumers could be a reason to squash the idea.”

“In fact, just 23% of consumers surveyed in April by Recode and online survey firm Toluna said they would be willing to pay for an ad-free Facebook. And CEO Mark Zuckerberg remains public in his resistance to the idea. He says that ‘We think that ads [are] a great business model that aligns with our mission. We want to build a service that can help connect everyone around the world. So we want to offer that service for free and have it be affordable. That’s completely aligned with what we’re trying to do.’”


Conclusion: Do not expect Facebook to abandon ads and turn to subscription fees any time soon.

Take a look at the chart below to see why Facebook’s ad-based model will continue to generate huge revenues into the future.

Would Members Pay for an Ad-Free Facebook?

2 Replies to “Would Members Pay for an Ad-Free Facebook?”

  1. I understand why Facebook uses ads, because it brings them extra revenue. If they offer ad free subscriptions it may turn away some possible ads because companies may not want to pay for ads knowing it may not reach their entire goal audience. But, only 23% would be willing to pay which is not a very large amount of users. I know I personally wouldn’t pay for no ads because I am beginning to use facebook less and less anyway.

  2. Lets face it, everyone or at least a good majority of people absolutely DESPISE ads but do we really have any other choice? Ads exist so that the company makes some money for us to use their content for free. The 23% of people who would personally pay for ads is somewhat impressive but still pretty low for today’s standards. Knowing myself, I wouldn’t pay money out of my own pocket for a service like facebook. I doubt facebook will offer a subscription service for their platform anytime soon.

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