As we discussed last month, “Cloud computing lets workers access company data and applications via the Internet. Anywhere and anytime. As a result, everyday tasks can be automated and performed on laptops, tablets, or even smartphones. Thus, by managing your cash flow with cloud accounting software, workers could end up more efficient and productive.” Today, we look further at cloud computing and payment options. As more firms turn to mobile pay, this topic takes on greater importance.

To read about eight 2018 trends with cloud computing, click the image.

Cloud Computing Trends in 2018

And this chart shows the leaders in cloud computing. Yes, Amazon ranks number one.

Cloud Computing Leaders


Cloud Computing and Payment Options

As reported by Statista, cloud computing grows rapdily:

“In 2018, the number of worldwide NFC mobile payment users projects to be 166 million. [NFC means near frequency communication.] By 2020, the proximity mobile payment transaction value in the United States will likely surpass 314 billion U.S. dollars, up from close to $28 billion in 2016. Many retailers in North America already accept a variety of digital payment methods. And these include Apple Pay, PayPal, and MasterCard PayPass.”


Cloud Computing and Payment Options

According to Stacey McIntosh for Sage Advice:

“The ins and outs of finance can be difficult to maneuver at the best of times. And without taking into consideration the changes in compliance regulations. When it comes to cloud computing, you can be assured that any alterations to legislation will be built into the software in real time.”

“Worried about problems with software? Remember the easy access to extensive technical support. So, no frenzied hunt for a qualified technician required.”

“Want to find out more about the cloud? We know your time is valuable and often limited. Thus, we’ve created an infographic on cloud computing. It offers a brief introduction to the various cloud services that are on offer. As well as the different benefits and potential issues to consider when adopting a cloud infrastructure.”


Cloud Computing and Payment Options -- Five Solutions

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