In a couple of days, we will write about the impact of Super Bowl LII advertising. But as we begin Super Bowl Sunday, lets look at 2018 Super Bowl LII fun facts . 🙂

Are you ready for some football? And a lot of advertising? [The Super Bowl of Advertising.] As we  asked last year, Rating the Super Bowl Ads: What’s YOUR Take? We ask the same question for 2018’s game.

What’s the big deal about the Super Bowl for marketers? Consider these observations from Mitchell Carey, writing for Diligant:

“Despite the recent exodus of many viewers from broadcast TV. On Sunday, February 4th it’ll be hard to find someone who doesn’t plan to tune in to Super Bowl LII on NBC at 6:30 PM EST. And whether you’re a religious football follower or a fair-weather fan, a cable subscriber or a cord-cutter. You’ll probably check in to make sure that your preferred team stays ahead. Or to catch a glimpse of some of the most engaging ads of the year. Reining in an average of 111.3 million viewers last year, Super Bowl LI was the fifth most-watched TV broadcast in history.”


2018 Super Bowl LII Fun Facts

Since this game-day post takes a light-hearted view of SB LII, we offer the following information and infographics.

Want to be immersed in trivia? If yes, take a look at “Super Bowl 2018 preview: The 52 things you need to know about Patriots vs. Eagles” from CBS Sports. One of the 52 things = “The temperature in Minneapolis is forecast to be around 6 degrees Sunday, but the game will be played indoors.”

Now, on to some entertaining infographics.


To begin, this one is from Niall McCarthy

2018 Super Bowl LII Fun Facts


Next are TWO infographics from Diligant — digital marketer’s playbook 1 and digital marketer’s playbook 2.

2018 Super Bowl LII Fun Facts
Digital Marketer’s Playbook 1
2018 Super Bowl LII Fun Facts
Digital Marketer’s Playbook 2


And look at this infographic from WalletHub.

2018 Super Bowl LII Fun Facts


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