Looking for a new job or career? Glassdoor provides a lot of good information. And that includes Glassdoor’s 2018 best U.S. employers listings. Also, Glassdoor separates the listings by company size. In that way, small and medium firms get recognized. What makes Glassdoor unique? As the firm reports:

“Glassdoor is one of the fastest growing jobs and recruiting sites. Glassdoor holds a growing database of millions of company reviews, CEO approval ratings, salary reports, interview reviews and questions, benefits reviews, office photos and more. Unlike other jobs sites, all of this information is entirely shared by those who know a company best — the employees.”

And the Glassdoor employer rankings are a nice complement to other review services. And those include rankings by Universum: 2017 Most Attractive U.S. Employers and 2017 Most Attractive Global Employers.


Glassdoor’s 2018 Best U.S. Employers: Large Firms

Recently, Glassdoor produced its 2018 rankings of the best U.S. employers. As noted in the previous section, the ranking is based on employee feedback. The rankings are divided into two categories: large firms and small/medium firms. For large firms, 100 companies are ranked.

Glassdoor's 2018 best U.S. employers

Now, take a look at the top ten large firms. And click the links for company information:

  1. Facebook.
  2. Bain & Company.
  3. Boston Consulting Group.
  4. In-N-Out Burger.
  5. Google.
  6. lululemon.
  7. HubSpot.
  8. World Wide Technology.
  9. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
  10. Ultimate Software.

So, here’s a video about Facebook employees.



Glassdoor’s 2018 Best U.S. Employers: Small & Medium Firms

In Glassdoor’s 2018 ranking of best small and medium U.S. firms, 50 companies are ranked. The top ten include [And remember to click the link to learn about the companies.]

  1. Silverline.
  2. New Home Star.
  3. Next Century.
  4. Acceleration Partners,
  5. Zoom Video Communications.
  6. OppLoans.
  7. Glint.
  8. Life.Church.
  9. CB Insights.
  10. CarShield.

Because of firm size, you may not them. Thus, how many names do you recognize?

Next, click the image of employees on the beach to see a photo montage of Silverline employees.

Glassdoor's 2018 Best U.S. Employers Silverline


36 Replies to “Glassdoor’s 2018 Best U.S. Employers”

  1. It is interesting to know what companies treat their employees the best, and a somewhat valuable asset to know. However, not everyone has the luxury of being able to pick the exact firm they want to work at. You can use this to possibly guide your career path to end up working somewhere you would enjoy. Having this information can better inform your decision even at the entry level. In-N-Out Burger is on the list, so if it is in your area you could try to apply there before other fast food joints with questionable integrity.

  2. I think the way a company treats and how they value their employees is extremely important. It makes the businesses successful, because the employees are more likely to show up to work every day, put in 100% effort into their job, and create a positive work environment. Also, it builds a good reputation for the company and encourages others to apply for that company, which can result in an abundance of employees. I have multiple friends who work at In-N-Out Burger because they are constantly referring each other, because of how enjoyable the job is.

  3. In my opinion, how a company treats their employees and how they set them is important. If employees have good treatment, they will work hard and do their best for the company. Their values can be reached to highest. Besides, good treatments will attract more outstanding talents for a company. As a results, treatments can make the business successful.

  4. Services like glassdoor will definitely continue to grow in usefulness; especially as the economy continues along its pattern of continuous growth. As employees grow more valuable, and gain more choice, it is services like those that will help them decide where to work.

  5. As I am learning more about various fields to potentially begin my professional career, it is important to understand the the ranging expectations and cultures that different companies have for their companies. Reading this post has confirmed how vital it is to understand how a company treats their employees – finding a good fit in this context is just as important as finding a good fit for a career you are interested in and passionate about.

  6. I have used glassdoor before and personally love it! I have found it super useful for when I wanted to apply for a job but also wanted to see the ratings and reviews from others who have/is working at the particular store. It gives you an inside look of what it’s like to work there, the average pay, and benefits. It helps to get a little overview of what the job is actually like and if it best suits you. I will continue to further use this site when I look for more future part time jobs and even for my career.

  7. I am glad that Glassdoor produced a ranking for large firms as well as one for medium and small firms. Because large firms are extremely popular, the competition to secure a position is dense with oversaturation of applicants. Bringing attention to medium and small firms who also care about their employees’ work experience allows for potential applicants to move away from being one of thousands to one of hundreds, improving their chances of securing a job.

  8. Facebook is one of the most successful company in the world and the company culture of Facebook is one of the best also. Facebook tried to create a wonderful environment for their employees. It is not surprised that Facebook won the first place.

  9. For a company to be happy, the employees must be happy as well. The better mood that the staff are in will have a significant impact on the mood that the customers will experience as well. If the customers experience a warm and welcoming treatment every time that they purchase the product or service then they are more likely to be loyal.

  10. In the small companies category, I always wonder how people are able to definitively rank companies as being “the best”. As the company size gets smaller, the number of companies to compete against rises. The top 10 in the small companies category would represent a much smaller percentage of the total number of small companies. Under this scenario, perhaps it might make sense to try to apply other filters, such as Top 10 small companies in the Northeast, or Top 10 small companies in Finance.

  11. Sometimes, a competetive company’s success is not only from the leader team and strategy, but also focus on the employees’ benefits. If company could offer a good bonus and welfare for employees, this could motivate the employees’ aenthusiasm and productiviity and creativity that would bring more motivation to company.

  12. After watching the video, it was easy to see how their workers thought that they were truly making a difference in the world and wanted to work for their company. While it’s expected to see some of these companies like Facebook or Google, I’m surprised that a fast food company such as In-N-Out Burger ranked so highly—above Google even. Their closest competitor was Chik-fil-A which was ranked at 72. I truly wonder just how well their workers are thought of and what kind of compensation they get to compete with these other large companies.

  13. I learned about GlassDoor about a month ago and I found it very helpful especially when applying for internships and going for interviews. It helps you prepare for an interview and find the internships you are looking for. I found it very interesting the In-and-Out Burger was in the top 10 because I thought most people don’t like working out fast food places and that people would say bad things about the job.

  14. It is fun to know which companies are listing under “Glassdoor’s 2018 Best U.S. Employers”. Facebook win the 1st best employers in the U.S because they provide their employees comfortable social and relaxing place. The positive working vibe about a company is very necessary. Let the employees love working for the company and enjoying their working moment is the key.

  15. In my opinion, it is very important the way you treat your employees in a firm. Individuals spend way too much time at their job to not enjoy it. With treating your employees with respect you increase employee loyalty and increase productivity. It also creates high employee retention, if an employee doesn’t like their job they are going to be searching each day to try and find a better one. These are just some changes that need to be made in order for these business to become more successful.

  16. After review the glass door website, I liked how it connects big and small firms to people who are looking for jobs. Every year people graduate from college or lose their jobs. Many people are actively looking for jobs. It is important for a firm like glassdoor to be in existence. Also looking at the employer’s, it can give them a variety of different perspective employees that want to help them promote their message.

  17. This is a very recommendation for us who looking for a good job or internship. As those research, it is very important to us to find which we would like to do. There are many reviews for those companies and we might also could know that the reason for those companies grow very well, and many people would like to work with them.

  18. “Glassdoor’s 2018 Best U.S. Employers” provides an opportunity for us to learn more about fun facts of listed companies. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to work in a company with positive working vibe. For me, i always read the news about U.S companies which provides better social relaxing place and meal. This can make employees fell the real culture of company and take responsibility of hard working for their employers.

  19. I really think Glassdoor is a good website and platform for the employee. Most of the employee or people who had interview with the company make their comment about the company on the website that other can learn something else about that company except the company position or mission. For me, working environment is very important for me, because a friendly working environment would make people more willing to work. So I would like to search some comment about the company environment.

  20. Glassdoor is a great website and tool to look at how employees actually feel about their employers. Whenever i apply to a job or internship i take a look at what people day about the job. The site also breaks down average salaries for positions which can be very useful. It was interesting looking at the top medium/small US firms because most people aren’t familiar with those companies and they could be a great place to start your carrier after college.

  21. I think it is great that there are websites out there like Glassdoor. It is important for future employees of a firm to know what to expect before their first day, and gain second-hand knowledge of the firm from people that actually work there. The 2018 top employers list is really helpful in giving job-seeking individuals perspective on where to work. Offering a list of large firms, medium sized firms, and small firms provides individuals with a broad range of firms. These lists could possibly help individuals decide the size and type of firm they would like to work at.

  22. I know this isn’t necessarily about the ranking, but I wanted to say that Glassdoor is actually a really awesome site for evaluating salaries too. If you think you’re underpaid and want to ask for a raise you can get a really good idea of what other people with your exact job title, company size and experience level make. It’s a good tool to have in your pocket when you talk to the boss or even when you’re looking for a new job and don’t know what salary to ask for. Thanks for sharing this ranking list and this site because I think it’s great info.

  23. Thank you for sharing this site. I have used some other services that I found to be confusing and a little unreliable. Services like Glassdoor are an important tool to have for people entering the workforce. Unfortunately everyone doesn’t have a choice on what job they can get but knowing ahead of time on what you could be entering is valuable. How employers treat employees are important for the culture of the company.

  24. Its no surprise to me that a number of these companies are web based start ups. They are companies that are younger but grew fast. They know who the end users are, and how to attract the most skilled employees. Another one I was surprised not to see was Costco. They are known for treating their employees well.

  25. I’m really not a fan of glass-door because their information can be very misleading. A disgruntled employee is all it takes to defer a prospective employee from a company. Yes, when it’s used positively, it can be very helpful in learning about an organization and making an informed decision about a company. It’s hard to gain access to current employees and ask their honest opinion but this way you get a little bit of insight. The best advice I can give is follow the pattern – if there’s a lot of positive comments, and a few negative ones I’d say go with the majority. People usually take time to write negative things less than they do to write positive things. If it’s the opposite, try to dig further to do some more research.

  26. By looking at this introduction of how Glassdoor is unique and how it works, it really attracts people especially for those whose looking for jobs. By showing all the database and the ranking, different people can look for different positions that suit them the best. This might be one of the reasons why people would use this tool and does make sense why this is one of the fastest growing jobs and recruiting sites.

  27. I think looking at reports like this is important when considering what type of company you want to work for. However, it should not guide your decision completely. Only choosing to work fora company because of its ratings would be like choosing a college just because it has a reputable name. 1) You may not even get a job at that company and 2) A company that is a great fit for someone may not be a company that works well for you.

  28. I watched the video of the comments from those Facebook employees. I found out that all those employees who answered why they like the company mention that they love the community and like the people who they are working with. So I believe that if a company want to be in the list, it should have a good company culture and should hire people who loves cooperating with others.

  29. I am very impressed with the way this post recognizes both big and small firms as some people would rather work in a smaller firm than a big firm. I am very surprised how In n Out burger is a top 5 store in best employer ranking for big businesses as its not a global business and that it’s predominantly in the west coast only. This post is very informative and key for someone looking to work in any type of big/small business.

  30. I like how there are rankings for the super-wealthy firms along with the middle level firms, as the article becomes relatable to everyone. I am relatively surprised that Facebook is #1 on the rankings, due to the fact that it is one of the most wealthy industries in the world. If they are able to treat their employees well, than no other organization has an excuse to do any differently.

  31. As a native southern Californian all of you can realize that East Coast wether sucks and California is the best. In n Out destroys everything. Doesn’t matter what it is it just does. Google obviously is the best place on earth. Facebook take a back seat I don’t believe that. Did any of you with the movie about Facebook? Hey Mark… you’re kind of a jerk.

  32. I think it is really good for employers know how their companies threat to them.And compare with other companies.This will also influence their efficient.If their company in top.They will get more energy to do their job.

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