Yesterday’s post covered the 2017 most attractive global employers for business students. Today, we cover the 2017 most attractive U.S. employers.

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In sum, these are Universum’s survey goals:

“Today’s businesses operate in a highly competitive employment landscape. You you can gain a valuable insight into how firms are perceived by tomorrow’s workforce with the results of our 2017 Talent Survey in the U.S. In addition, we highlight career aspirations and desirable industries identified by the respondents. “


2017 Most Attractive Employers for U.S. Business Students

For the 2017 best employers U.S. report, Universum surveyed 27,000 business students in the United States.

These 25 employers rank highest by U.S. college business students.

2017 Most Attractive U.S. Employers. Top 25 ranked by U.S. business students.

Click below to access the full 2017 U.S. employer report. Note: A free login is required.

2017 Most Attractive U.S. Employers. Click to download the full U.S. report.


8 Replies to “2017 Most Attractive U.S. Employers”

  1. I am not surprised to see Google at the top of these lists (global and U.S.). The work environment, the culture and the perks of working at Google are extensive – I’ve heard they even allow employees to bring their pets to work! I am sure that many of these companies share an emphasis on their company’s culture and many students/prospective employees have some idea about what they want from a future employer, including aspects of culture. Many of these companies are also innovative when it comes to their work environment and provide incentives that future employees are looking for in a company such as flexible scheduling, comprehensive benefit packages, competitive salaries, etc. As a student finishing up my junior year of college, it is important to think about my future and where I would like to see myself working. It is helpful to see lists like these, as the list was created based on the thoughts and experiences of people around my age with presumably some common interests.

  2. From the perspective of a college student this list makes sense because future jobs is a large part of what we talk about. Everyone aims the highest paying and most prestigious careers possible, so it is nice to have a list to show they rank.

  3. I find this post very informative and believe that it is imperative knowledge for us college students to acquire. It makes sense for google to come in first place due to their amazing benefits. However, I do feel sooner or later Amazon will take their spot just like how they have been exponentially do so to other companies.

  4. I am not surprised to see Google as the number 1 pick for most attractive jobs. My cousin works for google and always tells me about all the benefits and the laid back environment. They want employees and be innovative and not stressed out all the time.

  5. It is not surprising to see that the top 5 on this list are arguably the largest companies in the United States. The majority of firms on this list are among the largest in their respective industry, which is surprising to me. Normally you hear about the horror stories of people being neglected by the big firms they work for, but this list proves otherwise. It’s interesting to see that the list is split pretty evenly between providers of goods and services, and also three branches of the US Government.

  6. It is not surprise that Google is on top due to its popular reputation. Every college student dreams big so it is no surprise to see the biggest companies being top 5 on this list. I believe Amazon is surging upwards so it would be no surprise to see Amazon at number 1 soon.

  7. I do not think that these ranks are surprising, especially within the top 5. These are all companies that we have grown up with, that advertise to babies and children, all the way up to adulthood. They all have easy to access marketplaces, and are what is currently known as being “mainstream”. They are also extremely large companies, which will only grow larger as the society changes in their favor.

  8. I believe that the popularity and success of these companies coincides with how well they treat their employees. If you create a fun working environment for employees, chances are they will work harder for the company and commit themselves to their job because they actually enjoy it. I have heard many great things about the google workplace and how interactive, exciting, and lively the environment is. In addition to that, these companies also treat their consumers very well. From experience, I have received such great customer service from places such as Amazon, Nordstrom, and Starbucks.

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