Most parents want their children to eat healthy. But they also know how difficult this can be with resistant kids. So how do we get children to eat healthier?

Here’s one clever way as reported by Alexandra Jardine for Creativity:

“Parents are always trying to find new ways of sneaking vegetables into other food — from zucchini muffins to chopped up carrots in spaghetti sauce. Dutch supermarket chain Plus has come up with its own way — a bottled sauce made with pure beetroot, carrot, and parsnip.”

“JWT Amsterdam co-developed the Super Saus design with Plus, creating a sauce that is both designed appeals to children’s tastes and which offers a kid-friendly design, in which the ingredients are ‘disguised’ as superheroes on the packaging. Priced at 2 euros per bottle, the product is on sale across the more than 250 Plus stores in the Netherlands.”


Here is a video synopsis. Do YOU think it ethical for parents to “trick” their kids into eating vegetables (healthy food)?


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