For decades, State Farm Insurance has used the slogan, “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.” It’s community involvement is highlighted by the tag line, “Good neighbors always lend a helping hand.”

To highlight its community involvement programs, beginning in late 2015, State Farm introduced a series of videos/TV ads called “Neighborhood Sessions.” Here is one of those TV ads:

 “State Farm Neighborhood Sessions® celebrates good neighbors — the kind of good neighbors who have your back and work hard to make their communities better. Meet some Oklahoma superstars who inspire others through their passion for good.”

This month (March 2017), State Farm introduced a new TV ad called “The Following:”

“Let’s turn caring into doing. Visit to find volunteer opportunities in your community. Causes include education, health care, homelessness, veterans, animals, and many others.”


One thought on “%1$s”

  1. In understand the need to touch on many different groups to help support, State Farm was in a difficult spot – they couldn’t choose some and not others. Would it be seen as some being more needy, more trendy, more cute, heart-wrenching, etc.? I was saddened in that there is so much to help, how can one person or advertisement help. The message became too overwhelming and I wouldn’t expect most to sit through and watch the entire commercial. I think a shorter and more direct message, even having different community efforts shown in different commercials. I think that way people would watch each separately and with compassion and be able to choose and not be overwhelmed.

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