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  1. This post really opened my eyes up about social media. The biggest thing that shocked me was that if you were going to take the population of Facebook, it would be the third highest populated country under China and India. That is just crazy! This video definitely helps me believe that social media is not just a fad. It is becoming so much of our world.

  2. I think its crazy to think about the opening statistic about 96% of people being on social media. I understand most millennials are on social media but 96% is an absurdly high number of people. Another statistic I found to be unusual is that one in eight people that get married in the US met on the internet. I find that to be extremely interesting because I find most people my age find the social dating apps and groups to be a joke but apparently this stuff actually works. Lastly, it shows how society just does not trust businesses todays day in age as only 14% of people believe advertisements.

  3. I am not surprised about how big of an impact social has mostly because the younger generation tries use Facebook and other media sites to get away from their parents. Technology is great, but the number of people who have multiple accounts is astronomical! Personally, I would prefer the olden days of face to face communication.

  4. I would not think of social media being a fad at all; and these statistics prove that point. The fact that if Facebook were to be considered a country and it would be the third largest in the world speaks volume to me. A point that caught my attention was that: news and products/services will seek us out via social media and we will not search for them. I agree with this because I frequently find myself reading the news and clicking on any featured products thru ads or links via various outlets. Since I am a part of these statistics it is interesting to see the data culminated into a single lens and understand the large impact social media has had and is still having on our lives today.

  5. Social media is most definitely NOT a fad. Social media is now a new way of communicating. Now in 2016 almost everyone uses social media. I found it fascinating that the video mentioned facts like “if Facebook was a country, then it would be the third biggest country.” and “80% of companies use social media to recruit”. Social media is getting bigger and bigger and the uses for social media is expanding.

  6. What impacted me the most from this video was the point that we no longer have to look for products because they will find us first. I can’t visit any social media site without an advertisement being displayed somewhere on my screen. Furthermore, the celebrities I follow on social media are always promoting products that they are endorsing. I have grown so accustomed to seeing these subtle marketing strategies on my screen that before I watched this video I never realized how I’m always being targeted by companies. This post also made me realize that social media often makes me think I need things that I really don’t. For instance, there have been countless times when I’ve seen a celebrity post about a product they own and how much they love it and then suddenly I feel like I need to own it too. That alone speaks volumes about the way in which products find me without me even looking for them.

  7. This video includes a lot of valuable information. For example, it says that only 18% of traditional TV campaigns generate a positive ROI. That means marketers should pay more their attention to the digital marketing today. Official website and social media are necessary and important for every company and brand. More and more ads are tailored for YouTube. In this way, they can attract many viewers and produce a huge ROI.

  8. Traditional TV campaign is suffering the hardest time since Social Media is back on the stage and the level of suffering will grow. Social media become more and more important and be a competitive strategy for marketing. Under the rising of the social media, traditional ways of marketing is suffering its hard time. As the video showed us, 82% of TV campaign is losing their money. It became a real problem and TV campaigns have to come up with something to survive.

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