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  1. I found this slide show to be very interesting. I like how he starts with what brands don’t do for you and then goes into how consumers should have power over the brands. This was pretty cool.

  2. This is so true! So many people are caught up in owning brand name items, but in reality they do nothing for us. Owning a particular brand coincides with class consciousness. Most of the time however, “no-name” brands are just as good. We just choose to ignore them thinking we will benefit more from name brand items.

  3. This slideshow is exactly what brand marketers DON’T want us thinking! It kind of relates to the saying “money/material good can’t buy you happiness,” even though marketers want us to think they can. Consumers should definitely be more aware of the power they have over brands, and realize that the items can sometimes enhance our lives, but not bring any real meaning or companionship into them.

  4. I agree with Sarah’s ideas very much. While a brand can allow one to obtain a sort of liited happiness, real fulfillment comes from the ideas and experiences that we have in social interactions. Brands can help these interactions occur or start but they cannot be these experiences or interactions, for now!

  5. I love this! I’ve actually never understood the obsession with brands when it doesn’t simply involve the quality of the products. People care too much about brands. I’m not trying to be hypocritical, because I own brand-name items myself, but as consumers we should be purchasing a brand’s product because of it’s superior quality, not simply to wear a symbol or name. This slideshow is a clever, funny way to say that brands don’t solve our problems!

  6. This slide show was very entertaining and meaningful. I never really thought about brands in this way but it is so true. We spend way too much time worrying about brands when they really do nothing for us at all. I must admit sometimes when I buy things I buy them because of the brand and not the actually product itself. I feel like brands have become such an important part of our lives and we must realize that after all they are just a brand and just like the slideshow says, they will not be there for us when we need it most.

  7. That thing was kick ass. Best post I have read on the blog thus far. Very well done, deep and creative. It’s something to be said, life and meaning vs conspicuous consumption. It was nifty the way they edited the guns from the movies and the guys where giving the thumbs up.

  8. A very witty and humorous slide show! Brands know that they are important because they are associated with certain values and many of the represent our personalities and beliefs. They are like the aunts and uncles who pamper us, or the best friend whom we always go back to. It is that familiarity, or established relationship that makes the brands we consume stay as long as they could. But Michael Paredrakos is right in pointing out that too much control is in the hands of the brand makers. The only way that consumers can induce change is by not buying. Until now, Nestle still does not have fair trade logo, and Abercrombie and Fitch has had various articles posted about their discrimination against the poor. Are these truly the values we believe in? Perhaps it is partially our own ignorance, and partially the idea of “out of sight, out of mind” that we continue to support brands that are perhaps, not so ethical. But brands should understand that the ultimate purchasing power still lies in the hands of customers. And if we are more aware of the power we have, then change may be instilled.

  9. I really enjoyed this slideshow because it was very humorous, but did a good job in explaining brands and how they are in our everyday life. I never understood how people were so into brand names, because in the end a shoe is a shoe or a purse is a purse and there are a lot more important things in life. Also the last picture on the slideshow was an important one. I think its important for people to be in control of the brands. People are so obsessed with certain designers that they’ll buy products based on the brand and not the specific item. Brands should not take over our lives like they currently do.

  10. I found this slide show to be very interesting and eye-opening. I particularly like the slides that read, “It is extremely east for them today to manipulate your image and your self worth.” These days, people are so fixated on buying name brands, and showing people that they have indeed purchased those brands, by wearing the labels or even just by telling people flat out. For example, people in our generation will showcase their designer clothes, shoes, bags, and cars on social media including Twitter or Instagram. They think because their peers like those photos or those tweets, they are cool or more liked, and will continue to purchase and showcase those brands.
    The last slide of this PowerPoint says “use their friendship to your advantage.” When I read this I instantly thought of ways to do this, and the first thing I thought of was buying the generic brand of a product instead of a name brand. I know I am definitely guilty of always buying the name brand of any product, because I am convinced it is better, and that is just what marketers want. But I have to start using the brands friendship to my advantage, and buying the generic brands, without worrying about the name on the package.

  11. I really enjoyed looking at this hilarious slideshow! It really opened my eyes to the obsession that people actually have with the quality of brands. Many people just buy brand names because they want to show it off to their friends and they actually don’t believe that the quality is good. For example, one of my friends bought a brand name wallet that was around $200 and a week later it broke. Although she was upset with the quality of the wallet, when she went back to exchange the wallet, she also bought a handbag to go with it! This showed that although the quality of the brand was low, she wanted to buy a handbag just to show off the brand. This post was extremely clever in showing that people should be attached to brands and that problems don’t solve a consumers problems.

  12. personally I liked this slide show a lot because it shows people that we shouldn’t have a relationship or connections with brands because these brands have no connection with us. It is important to remember when shopping that these relationships or associations that people make with brands are nothing more than a marketing strategy and a ploy by the companies to get consumers to buy their product. In the end everyone should try to remember that a brand is nothing more than a name.

  13. Brands cannot do everything. Brand marketing and companies want us to believe their brands can do everything for us. They want them to solve everything for us to increase their sales but in the end, a brand CANNOT do everything for you. In a world driven by media and money, it is no surprise that this is the message companies want us to believe, but brands are not our knight in shining armor. This slideshow is exactly what the world tends to not realize.

  14. The slide show just goes to show how much of an impact brands can have on a persons life. Brands are pretty much just names and they do not help consumers. They usually make the, spend more money for a product that is not always a good one.

  15. This slideshow was funny to watch, I really enjoyed it. After seeing that you really laugh at how people are so obsessed with brands when really it is just a brand. People act like all of those thoughts in the slideshow are true. Such as your brand marrying you. People are so loyal to their brands and so attached its humorous. All these brands do is take your money, no one needs them

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