4 Replies to “Career Happiness and Millennials”

  1. I’m surprised that 63% of people in England are happy with their jobs. Nowadays, people especially in the age range of 18-24 are getting jobs just to afford their lifestyle, this applies to basically anyone of everywhere. I’m not surprised that only 39% of people seek further education, not sure whether it’s college or grad school, but either way, it is expensive to go to either and some careers don’t even require a college or grad school degree.

  2. “Young people demand vocational training to get ahead” This one is quite true. Keep learning, improving. People are happier when they feel their life is moving forward, such as gaining new skills.

  3. “78% want vocational and on-the-job training; Only 39% seek further academic qualifications”

    It isn’t surprising that so many young people desire vocational and on-the-job training rather than further academic qualifications. Often, the academic qualifications are much broader in scope than a training program for a particular job or role may be. Likewise, on-the-job training may prove more beneficial because one is trained specifically for that role.

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