4 Replies to “The Power of Word of Mouth”

  1. Word of Mouth Marketing plays a very influential role in our everyday lives. Personally, online reviews are one of the first things I look at when reviewing a company or product. However, If a friend or relative were to recommend a service or product I would be more likely to use that product or service. Reason being that person I spoke with has previous experience and they are my “guinea pig” but a way more trusted guinea pig than the internet.

  2. Word of mouth is a very important and influential tool. People tend to trust each other and will take each others “personal” advice pertaining to brands. Positive feedback regarding a company from multiple people make it “true”. People are likely to listen to first hand accounts. Websites like “Yelp” and “Trip Adviser” which provide feedback from real individuals are so popular because people want the truth.

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