It’s hard enough getting the right job. So we shouldn’t have unintended glitches impede our efforts.

Consider this observation from “Have you been checking your spam filter? Many of us don’t. We take for granted that the filter’s working correctly — protecting you from unwanted E-mail and leaving your Inbox filled with messages that you want to see. We all know that sometimes your spam filter mistakes spam for legitimate E-mails and allows them into your Inbox. But do you also know that sometimes your spam filter mistakes legitimate E-mails for spam, and filters them out of your Inbox? This can hurt your job search efforts.”

Click the image for some hints on how to reduce this problem.





2 Replies to “Is Your Spam Filter Blocking Job-Related E-mails?”

  1. This has been a very real problem for me! I found that for one of the sports teams I am on, emails from the coach have been going into my spam for the entire semester. It was incredibly frustrating in terms of communication and scheduling. I was not understanding why I was not receiving emails and reconfirmed my email address with him multiple times. Once I went into my SPAM folder I found a multitude of other important emails which I had missed since I assumed my spam folder was always working!

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