2 Replies to “Hurricane Sandy Arrives”

  1. I really feel the power of Sandy when I write the comments while a big tree was uprooted by the hurricane in front of my window. Thank God my house is okay. As the rough condition, i think it may inspire the e-shopping online. At least in my home, most people can’t go out, when they finished today’s task, they all began to surf online, and share the deal information. Yes, the restaurant and retailers would get heavy impact by Sandy in there days, but I totally agree that the repair program would help the after storm period.

  2. I’d like to say that Sandy has more effect then what i thought before, a lot of houses have already power off, fortunately, we still have power, but we don’t have wifi now, so we have to go to school to send e-mails and do some research for our homework, but the internet speed is too slow, we even can not open a website, i hope everything will be ok.

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