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As Ross McCammon says in Entepreneur magazine: “Social media are often so spontaneous that basic principles are necessary. And the most basic principle of all is: Write like you talk. Which is the best piece of advice any writer can ever get. ‘Write like you talk’ ultimately results in authenticity. What people–even people who are well aware that they’re being marketed to and that this isn’t entirely a ‘social’ situation–respond to is authenticity. When you write like you talk, you don’t do the following: respond to some jerk on Twitter with a canned response like ‘Thanks for the feedback!’; copy and paste a press release onto a LinkedIn discussion board; or post a PowerPoint to YouTube and call that ‘engaging your customers via social media.'”

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  1. Writing as you talk not only helps your readers connect with you more, but also allows for greater brand alignment with you incorporate audio or video. Could you imagine someone writing in Queens’s English and then seeing a YouTube video of them speaking like Tracy Morgan?

    I actually wrote a blog on social media authenticity today, focusing on how people create these strange personas to impress people online vs. being authentic-

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