Yesterday, we presented an overview of Super Bowl advertising. Here, we offer a preview of Super Bowl LV Ads.


What You Should Expect: A Preview of Super Bowl LV Ads

According to Sarah Cavill, for Digital Advertising Industry News:

Super Bowl LIV was pre-pandemic. And many wondered whether this year’s big game will have the same advertiser participation and fan engagement.

As we noted yesterday, ad sales have been very strong for Super Bowl LV. In addition, Cavill observes that:

For some viewers, the commercials are more interesting than the Super Bowl game. And, after a somewhat strange NFL season, this year’s game in Tampa is likely to feel very different than past years. However, many brands have already released their plans for advertising during the big game with some usual suspects, like TurboTax, Pringles and Mars Wrigley coming back for more. Not surprisingly, some brands have decided to sit this year out, and instead make a big splash in 2022, when the game – and ad budgets – hopefully returns to normal. 

Each year, Advertising Age publishes a special report leading up to the Super Bowl. Including regular updates of the news and latest ads. Click here to access that site.+

And every year, USA Today features an Ad Meter: It “is the premier tracker of public opinion on big game ads. To access the 2021 Ad Meter, click here.

A Preview of Super Bowl LV Ads


Below are some 2021 examples of Super Bowl LV commercials cited on Ad Meter. They appear on YouTube.

Pringles Flavor Stacking

Michelob ULTRA | “Happy” Super Bowl

Used Car Company Vroom

Chipotle Burrito

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