Each year, we encourage you to have a good time and be safe during this holiday celebration. In 2020, we must be especially smart this July 4th. We can’t afford to ignore social distancing rules. Whether indoor or outdoor. Over the past few weeks, the spread of COVID-19 has been extensive.

Remember: Wearing a mask mostly protects other people from your germs. Please be considerate of others.


Act as a Responsible Person: Be Especially Smart This July 4th

Be Especially Smart — Levels of Risk

As we have discussed before, different activities entail different risks. Vox notes that:

“For many people, it’s really not clear which kinds of gatherings are safe and which aren’t. And that uncertainty can spark anxiety. Fortunately, health experts know more about the coronavirus than they did when the lockdowns began. And they can point us to different levels of risk as we begin to reengage. There’s also advice on how to minimize harm.”

Keep in mind the information in the following infographic.

Be Especially Smart This July 4th

Be Especially Smart — Safety on the Road

Stay alert and use common sense. July 4th sees a lot of motor vehicle accidents. For good tips, check out the infographic from Zonar Systems.

Be Especially Smart This July 4th

Be Especially Smart — With Fireworks

Misuse of fireworks can be harmful to the user. As well as to nearby viewers and bystanders. Consider the data in the infographic from the National Fire Protection Association.

Be Especially Smart This July 4th

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