Since we started Evans on Marketing, we have written nearly 100 times about data privacy. We include both online and offline examples. And they Include data tracking. But now, as consumers, we face another huge challenge — data privacy in the COVID-19 era. There are trade-offs in tracking individuals to help reduce the ongoing virus. Versus the loss of personal privacy in doing so. Should we be tracked without our consent as we search for a cure?


Trade-Offs Regarding Data Privacy in the COVID-19 Era

Wunderman Thompson’s Emily Safian-Demers offers us some interesting observations on this topic. What do YOU think?

“Is privacy being sacrificed in the global fight against COVID-19? Since the outbreak, the privacy debate that had been making global headlines was put on the back burner. While the world turned its attention to more pressing matters. But as firms and governments enlist sophisticated tracking technology, privacy implications are coming back into focus. These range from biometrics to Bluetooth as a weapon against the coronavirus.”

“Tracing apps have become a popular option for citizens and governments to monitor the spread of the virus. But they also open new avenues for unparalleled access to user data. Some governments are taking even more aggressive measures, turning national defense software on their citizens in an effort to contain the virus.”

“Citizens express qualms about the use of tracing tools. Only 37% of Americans think it’s OK for the government to use cellphone data to track them so as to ensure they comply with social distancing regulations. In addition, only 45% think it’s acceptable to track those who may have had contact with someone who tested positive. And just over half (52%) think it’s acceptable to track the movements of people who have tested positive. According to April 2020 findings from Pew Research.”

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Data Privacy in the COVID-19 Era
Image by Brian McGowan. Courtesy of Unsplash


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