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Join Inc. for a conversation with marketing guru Seth Godin. The best-selling author of several books including This is Marketing and Tribes, will share how to identify your most viable audience, what it really takes to make a difference with your work, and why you can’t be seen until you learn to see. Wondering how to build a brand that people love? Seth Godin is the guy who can tell you just how to do it.

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An Inc. Business Reboot Special Presentation


About Seth’s Blog: An Inc. Business Reboot Special Presentation

Seth Godin, featured in An Inc. Business Reboot Special Presentation, is a true marketing leader. As far back as January 2013, we cited Godin’s blog as a “must read.” Today, more than ever, his resources offer great value to marketers

“Hi. I’m Seth Godin. I’m a teacher, and I do projects. For more than thirty years, I’ve been trying to turn on lights, inspire people and teach them how to level up. This blog has been appearing daily for more than a decade. One day, if we meet, I hope you’ll share with me your favorite posts. Even better, I’d like to hear about how a book or course helped you interact with the world differently and make a difference. I’ve spent most of my professional life as a writer. I’ve published 19 bestselling books. These books are a great way to go deep into a concept, and I think many of them stand the test of time.”

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An Inc. Business Reboot Special Presentation


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