As we build on our prior posts, today, we consider the holiday 2019 shopping home stretch. Among the key previous posts —  Holiday 2019 Revenues Expected to Reach $1 Trillion.

Since shoppers today use more channels, estimating holiday sales represents a special challenge.


Analysis of Holiday 2019 Shopping Home Stretch

Because Good Friday has passed and we are in the midst of Cyber Monday, a preliminary analysis is in order. Consider the following new forecast. 

According to Felix Richter, reporting for Statista:

“During these days, it appears as if many people spend the holiday thinking about what they might need rather than what they already own. Over the past few years, Thanksgiving weekend has grown to become a huge shopping extravaganza. Both online and offline. Retailers try to outdo each other in offering the best Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. Then, consumers willingly jump at the chance to kick off their holiday shopping. Consequently, snapping up some bargains.”

“Not surprisingly, we expected this year’s Thanksgiving weekend to shatter online shopping records once again. As per Adobe Digital Insights, total E-commerce sales over the entire Thanksgiving weekend was forecast to reach $29 billion. With Cyber Monday tipped to become the largest online shopping day in U.S. history.”

Check out the current Statista estimates/forecast. How does this square with your behavior? Higher? Lower? Or as expected?

Holiday 2019 Shopping Home Stretch

At this point, we need to consider what comes next. After today, 22 more shopping days remain. And 22 days remain to receive gifts bought online. So, shop on. And be smart. 🙂

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  1. As mentioned this huge shopping weekend has been extremely emphasized the past few years. More and more stores are opening up their doors at around 5 pm or 6 pm to start the shopping weekend full of deals. As a result, I am surprised to see that Thanksgiving sales are comparable to sales on Sunday. Seeing that companies have advertised their “best sales” (30% on Thursday but only 25% on Friday) I would have thought more people would go out late at night on Thursday.

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