Yesterday, we examined our daily use of media. And it is high. Now, we ask can YOU go a week unplugged? For many people, the answer is “with great difficulty.” Some of us don’t even realize how much we connect digitally.

As far back as early 2013 and again in late 2018, we examined the issue of smartphone addiction. And that represents only one aspect of our connectivity.


Answer Honestly!! Can YOU Go a Week Unplugged?

So, can YOU go a week unplugged and survive? And that means no texting, no Instagram, no Internet, etc., etc. In a self-analysis, be honest. Would you try the challenge by Rob Volpe, CEO of consumer insight firm Ignite 360? As he observes for Quirk’s Media:

“Unplugging and truly escaping on a vacation becomes more challenging every year. Why? Because corporate culture demands 80+ hour work weeks if you want to be seen as successful. Thus, it takes a toll on employees. And in our polarized climate with faster news cycle, the fear of missing out is taking on greater meaning. Unplugging is risky business. It’s better, easier, and safer to stay connected. Just in case. But last summer, I learned the risk is worth the reward.”

“In reality, smartphones and satellites mean I can be connected almost anywhere. To work. To the constant churn of news. And to the tug of social media. Where can a guy or gal go to escape and reset? To find this escape from technology I signed up for a seven-day voyage on the Queen Mary 2 and vowed I’d pass on the expensive Wi-Fi. But would detachment create more distress and anxiety? Could it provide a moment of tranquility?”

Volpe makes three recommendations to disconnect tranquilly:

“1. Airplane mode is your friend. Leave your phone on that setting – you can still upload photos later. 

 2. Wear your earbuds. If you are in a public space, even in the middle of the North Atlantic, you are susceptible to overhearing someone else’s reaction to current events.

 3. Take notes. Remember how it feels and what you are doing instead of browsing status updates or consuming news.”


Can YOU Go a Week Unplugged?
Click the Post-It Notes’ image to read about one person’s one-week journey without being connected.


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