Yes, we know growth of Internet advertising affects other platforms, But, it is not monolithic. For example, take radio. No radio advertising is NOT dead. Yet, many observers see it’s downfall due to streaming.


Reality Check: No Radio Advertising Is NOT Dead

According to Krista Garcia for eMarketer: 

“Ëven though we increasingly spend time with digital media, traditional media ads still motivate. That’s because channels like radio have massive reach. Our September 2018 forecast shows that despite radio only accounting for 11.4% of time spent with media daily, 91.5% of the US population listens to AM/FM or satellite radio in 2018.” 

“Nielsen’s Q1 2018 figures show the same: 92% of US consumers listen to radio weekly. And while younger adults consume content on smartphones more than average, radio still had the highest reach among millennials (91%). But does reach lead to real-world sales?”

“A new TagStation and Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) study set out to quantify the impact radio ads had on retail sales. The research included 10 brands across four categories, and on average radio spots resulted in a 22% lift in store traffic.”


No Radio Advertising Is NOT Dead


10 Replies to “No Radio Advertising Is NOT Dead”

  1. I’m not surprised by these figures about radio advertisements. On average, people spend a good amount of time in their vehicles commuting to and from school, work, appointments, or where ever. That form of media, although not as popular, still reaches audiences.

  2. Many people still listen to the radio when they are in their cars and are only commuting a short distance and do not want to go through the trouble of connecting the aux for one song. There are also still people who choose to listen to the radio talk shows when commuting to/ from work as they enjoy the show’s hosts and would rather that to music. During these talk shows there are often times for quick advertisements, such as the host promoting a certain product they use, which might not seem like a direct ad yet it is still being marketed to the listeners. These quick ads are also beneficial because the listener knows it will only be a few seconds long, with their show or song returning right after, so they would often times not change the station and just be a captive listener. Although radio would not be the first outlet many would think of advertising on, there are still many listeners who the promotion would reach and who could end up being customers themselves.

  3. A massive increase in the advertisement has definitely resulted in a number of advertising platforms to descent as internet can replace those. However, radio is a source of entertainment and information that has been consistent for the people who drive and a lack of replacement has made sure that it attracts enough viewers to sustain advertisements.

  4. It is surprising to witness that a large crowd are still motivated by the traditional media advertisements although I have stopped listening to them. Everyday, it is practical that radio still contributes a large percentage in advertisements.

  5. It was surprising to see that radio advertisements are still effective. Nowadays, it seems like social media has taken over. It’s nice to see that radio advertisements are still effective because the more platforms companies have to advertise, the more opportunities they have to sell their product.

  6. Personally, i listen to the radio almost every time i drive. This post hit home for me, it is definitely a valid source for marketers to push their products. The only argument i can make is that many times it is very easy to change the station during a radio advertisement. therefore, This allows people to simple ignore an advertisement with the click of a button. In conclusion, although 92% of people may be listening to the radio on a regular basis, id like to know how many people tune to one station and stay on that station through advertisements and all. I believe that statistic would have a much different value.

  7. This was a very interesting article to read. On one hand, I am surprised radio advertising is still effective because so many people use bluetooth and listen to music through their phones. On the other hand, people who drive older cars who do not have those features, or older people who do not know how to use these features, just listen to the normal radio installed in their vehicle.

  8. This statistic is not surprising because every time I get into the car I turn on the radio. I listen to the radio because I like the variation of music, rather than listening to the same songs on my iPhone all day long. Also, I enjoy when radio host talk about ‘hot topics’ and things going on around the world. I like this because I feel like media should talk about important issues more or even have fun segments like prank phone calls.

  9. I am not surprised by the outreach that radio advertising still has in today’s society even with streaming on the rise. Many people listen to the radio in their car especially if they don’t have access to other ways of listening to music in their car. I was surprised however the outreach that radio advertising still has to younger adults and that radio still had the highest reach among millennial’s (91%) as I feel they would be the lowest demographic for radio advertising since they are more likely to stream music rather than listen to the radio.

  10. I find the statistics about radio advertising shocking. The only people I know that listen to the radio anymore are my parents, me and all of my friends exclusively listen to streaming radio services unless we have no other option. However, commercials do make up a lot of the content I listen too when I listen to the radio, so I can see how advertising can be effective for businesses.

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