Bonobos showcases diversity. At Bonobos, an online men’s clothier, the focus is on the following:

“Shopping for clothes is a pain. We’re here to make it painless, and maybe even fun. A Better Experience. Like most guys, we’re not big fans of shopping. That’s why we set out to build the best online shopping experience in the world. And we made it the core of what we do. We’re now the largest clothing brand ever built on the Web in the U.S.”

Bonobos Showcases Diversity

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Bonobos Showcases Diversity

As part of its overall strategy, Bonobos is a big believer in diversity.

Consider this recent report by Adrianne Pasquarelli for Advertising Age. And then look at the ad below: 

“Bonobos has a few good men in its new campaign — actually, a lot of them. To show off that its pants cover 172 sizes and fits, the 11-year-old menswear brand is debuting a new campaign. It features 172 men of varying shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicity in a 30-second TV spot. ‘However you fit, Bonobos fits you,’ reads text in the commercial. It will run in Austin and Chicago markets.”

“‘There’s a really interesting conversation to be had around the evolution of masculinity, and the power of diversity and inclusivity,’ says Micky Onvural, co-president of the brand, which was bought by Walmart last year for $310 million. The company has been exploring ‘how Bonobos as a brand could not just have an impact on the men that [it sells to] and how they see themselves, but have an impact on the conversation,’ she adds.”

“Onvural was Bonobos’ chief marketing officer before the Walmart purchase and is still handling the role’s responsibilities while the company searches for a new CMO. The campaign, which begins airing on Monday, is the brand’s second push from Observatory Marketing, formerly known as CAA, following ‘Role Models,’ which aired last fall.”

“Along with the TV spot, Bonobos will run radio, digital and social marketing as well as project video on buildings in both cities. The brand will also cull a 90-second digital video and a seven-minute mini-documentary out of interviews with its models.”


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