Each holiday season seems to be more stressful. We worry about getting the right gifts. And at the right prices. Also, we may get uptight about seeing family members. Hopefully, that is not the case. This post is intended to help you keep smiling this holiday season: humor required. 🙂


Try to Keep Smiling This Holiday Season: Humor Required

We want you to be less stressed out. So, here goes.

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“The holiday party season is upon us. So, what could go wrong? This is that time of year where you get to interact with your colleagues (somewhat) outside of a professional setting. These parties are meant to be a reward and an opportunity to foster company culture. But, they can also turn awkward real quick. Something you don’t want since you still have to work on a team with these people. We’ve outlined 12 of the most classic office party personalities and visualized them in the various situations they commonly create. Check out the infographic below to see these office partiers at their finest!”

“In the infographic, what a festive bunch! If you’ve worked in the office setting long enough, you have undoubtedly come across one of these characters during the company holiday party. While it’s funny to visualize these party archetypes in a graphic, encountering them in real life can be very uncomfortable  – especially if they’re your boss. Even worse, if you’re not aware of your behavior during your firm’s annual party, you could become one of them! And we want you to avoid embarrassing yourself or having your colleagues hate you. So, click here for a list of do’s and don’ts.” [Then, scroll down the page.]

Please enjoy the infographic. To see a larger version, click on the infographic. And have a happy holiday season! Keep on chuckling. Or, at least, smile more often.


This infographic is intended to help you keep smiling this holiday season: humor required.

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  1. This post leaves a smile on my face. It’s pretty freaky how spot on people can be to these infographics. I think it is great to think about how during the holiday season, instead of stressing, we should just smile and, if you want, look out for people like these. I might try matching some friends and professors to these infographics since right now I am stressing about my exams and this might bring some fun and humor in my life.

  2. Definitely a funny post. It’s definitely worth the read, since I myself would rather not be with my coworkers when I don’t have to, but there is certainly a bright side. There’s no need for anyone to be feeling down during the holiday season.

  3. It is always entertaining and a bit bizarre to see coworkers outside of the workplace environment. Holiday parties are a rare setting in which guards come down and people’s personalities come out a bit more than they would at work. This can be both enlightening and concerning, depending what category each coworker exemplifies. In either direction holiday parties are sure to be eventful.

  4. This post was definitely humorous, but also SO true. There are always so many different situations when these personalities apply to a specific environment. Thinking about people or co workers in your life and matching them up to a specific personality can be fun and interesting and make the holiday season a brighter time. It’s important to make sure everyone is having a good time and is happy especially during the holiday season.

  5. Hahaha. This is actually funny, I’m sure that we’ll find such people wherever we work. Having an office party once or twice a year really helps in many ways as you don’t often talk about other things with your coworkers and this is one good opportunity to do that. You can make good bonds as well, which can be helpful in the long run.

  6. I feel like in every friend group and work setting, there is always going to be someone who relates to that info graphic. I find it quite comedic, but also true, because I do know many people who can relate to those characters. I think the only stressful thing about the holidays is the gift giving, because when you’re a broke college student, you have to get creative with what you’re buying to get the most for your money.

  7. I enjoyed reading this post and it is super relatable not just to work parties, but any kind of party. Not sure which type of people are worse, the sad Samantha or the photographer Phoebe. Talkative ted is pretty bad too. I definitely related these scenarios to situations in my life. I can definitely classify myself as vanishing Vicki haha.

  8. This post was definitely amusing, but was helpful. I could see myself potentially identifying myself as one of the characters (like Photographer Phoebe or Hasty Henrietta). The Do’s and Don’t’s list seem redundant to implicit etiquette one must already have. Nonetheless some people do not have common sense so the list is beneficial. Furthermore, the cute cartoons and dialogues put a smile on my face and temporarily made me forget about finals 🙂

  9. I like this post, because this article is very close to our reality. If you are working office, there will be different kinds of people work with you which show in this infographic. Your need humor when you work with your colleagues. In my life, I don’t like the talkative ted. Most of time, I prefer to listen to others. I think people also need patient.

  10. This post is so accurate! I just had the holiday party for my job last friday and its interesting how people’s personalities really do come out. I didn’t drink as I had to drive, but watching everyone else drinking and having fun was really an experience. Most of my coworkers really did fit into one of these categories.

  11. At the end of the year, many company might have the holiday party. This is the best time of year where you get to interact with your colleagues outside of a professional setting. It is also the best time to improve the relationship with your colleagues. The company just want their employee to have fun, the examples show above are the most people might meet, but sometime could not avoid. So, don’t need too nervous, just be relax, and get fun. We might need to study how to comfortable to fit in.

  12. Its a very interesting point, that is real happen in most companies holiday party, and most people would face it. I think just keep smiling and relaxed, everyone including the boss need smile, the holiday party let people more closer. It’s a good way to learn more about your partner, whether it’s in the work or in your life. Also, that is interesting to see the other side of your colleague out of the work.

  13. This post is so accurate, and doesn’t just apply to holiday parties! I can match each of the cartoon’s personality tropes with one of my own coworkers after my summer internship, as one of the members of the department was leaving the company and we went to a bar to wish him well. We had a Mysterious Mike in a guy from another office who no one really knew, a Hungry Harold who ate all of the sliders we ordered, and a Talkative Ted mixed with Barbara the Boss: one of the executives would talk to anyone who would listen, and everyone had to listen because he was a vice president. This relatable comic definitely made me smile!

  14. Holiday parties are a good time to cut loose and actually bond with co workers. Meshing well in and out of the workplace can be important for company productivity. Just don’t cut too loose… obviously some of the prior mentioned traits should not be represented. You should be yourself but not the point where you feel you are at a college party. Keep it professional, keep it lax and keep it fun.

  15. It’s definitely important to keep track of how your colleagues see you, especially the boss. The last thing your career needs is the “he’s the guy who drinks too much” perception.

  16. This is an enjoyable post to read that reminds us of the humanity in business. Often times, when work becomes extremely stressful and co workers become an annoyance to interact with, it is important to remember that everyone is simply human – making mistakes, experiencing personal problems and joys, as well as attempting to coordinate various personalities around them – just like you. A holiday office party gives us the chance to experience interactions with our coworkers on a personal level. It gives us a chance to connect and be personable with others. When this is achieved, the overall success of an office with thrive.

  17. That’s really a fun article, especially the last sentence”Keep on chuckling. Or, at least, smile more often.” This is the effect that this article wants to achieve. I think it is a good way to have a holiday office party, because It allows employees to have an opportunity to communicate to each other. Also can let employees relax.

  18. It’s a very interesting post, because not only in office, there are this group of people in our college life. In fact, this post brings me lots of memory from high school and my fresh man year. We met lots of people and some of them are kind of like the people in the post.

  19. Thank you for posting this humor article with cute infographic during the stressful holiday season. In the end of the year, we need to deal with different events and people. It is fun to meet different people with different personal characters in the parties. It is more interesting to match your friends who acting like the characters showed in the infographic. hahaha!

  20. Its always a good time seeing the difference in people when they are in a professional or academic environment versus when they are truly themselves in a social setting. All “sirs” and “ma’ams” go out the window and it seems as though there are no longer different levels amongst individuals. This post was definitely funny, and I’m interested to see what I’ll experience in my future career.

  21. Always appreciate abundant alliteration appliance! Thank you for the humorous read. While I don’t know some of these characters I can parallel others. It’s fun to see the differences in personalities between one’s professional persona and a more their more sociable version. Sorry Mike, it won’t happen again this year!

  22. For me, this post is so true and funny. We can find that these personalities are fit with the real situations in specific environment.As a human,I will definitely think and track of how other friends, classmates or even colleagues think about me. “he is the guy who …” is really a deep perception in any one’s memory.

  23. I actually love seeing my coworkers out of work because they are just funny, inspiring, great individuals. The way we are in a work environment is totally different then how we are outside of work. I know it is rare to hang with coworkers outside of work but I feel like with doing so we become more aware of each other and work better in the job field.

  24. This post was definitely a great read, especially because we are in the midst of finals week. I really enjoyed the infographics and I feel as though everyone can relate, or has someone that perfectly fits into one of these categories. It’s important to be a healthy balance of all these characters in order to have an enjoyable holiday season. I certainly have friends who are talkative Ted’s, workaholic Wendy’s, and photographer Phoebe’s. There is always that one friend or family member at an event that posts too many pictures online and you are bound to be in several of them.

  25. This was a great post. Even with finals and shopping that needed to take place, it is good to smile to keep the morale high. I used to work at a chemical company and I have come into contact with some of these characters in this article. They describe them very well. Hope everyone has a great holiday.

  26. Freaking awesome. Actually made me laugh. The thing is that these people you already know in college. Drunk David is the guy that is already doing it now. The boss is the girl that every guy wants but has no personality but we all just laugh along. And talkative ted is the guy you accidentally asked for a pencil the second day of college in your mandatory comp class and now your screwed whenever you’re out gotta avowed him like the plague. Kinda makes you look in the mirror in a funny but honest way and see which one you relate to even if it is slightly and sort of twerk you’re behavior.

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