During the 2013 holiday season, retailers will be offering a lot of sales to attract price-conscious consumers. So, when are these retailers targeting their deals?

According to Kathy Kristoff, writing for CBS Money Watch: “The holiday shopping season is here and likely to get off to a fast start thanks to an unusually early Hanukkah and retailers anxious to get a jump on their competitors. But while Black Friday fever can delude consumers into believing that you’ll get the best deals, if you’re just willing to wait to do all your shopping until that magic date, holiday discounts are tricky. You are better off buying some things earlier; some later; and some in late December or January.”

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20 Replies to “When to Shop for the Best Holiday Deals”

  1. Oh dear…the holiday shopping season is among us. I tend to avoid all stores at this time of the year because honestly, it’s a bit too wild for me. Black Friday, for instance, scares me! Who wants to be up all night shopping? Surrounded by crazy and vicious shoppers? The deals may be great, but are they worth all that chaos? What I’m looking forward to is Cyber Monday. Shopping online is less stressful and much safer than going out into the mayhem of Black Friday. The article also says that Cyber Monday is where you’ll find the best deals for clothing and shoes–the items that I primarily buy. So, I’ll probably end up spending all of my money. With the many deals that are offered during this season, it’s hard to say no.

  2. Holiday shopping is an extremely hectic time of the year. Everyone is out and ready to get great deals off what they want to purchase. I have never been shopping on Black Friday because I personally feel that it is too crazy for me, however, my friends have been shopping on Black Friday and they said it was so packed you could barely move. People were pushing everyone else just to get to something first. I think that Cyber Monday sounds like a better way to holiday shop. It is less stressful, no one needs to shove their way into line, and you are still getting great deals.

  3. As we talked about in class with this being such a short holiday shopping season we can expect nothing less than chaos. Companies all want to do well this year but with the less time it will be harder than most years to try to get people to spend as much money. I found this article interesting in how it looked at a wide range of different items and talked about when it would be best to buy them. Certainly an interesting read.

  4. This time of year is hectic for everyone, not just the retailers. Families are frantic in trying to buy gifts for all of the holidays and retailers are busy trying to keep up with demand form their associates who need to buy products and have time off, while at the same time appeasing and providing goods to their consumers. I found it rather interesting being in a retail position that more sales were done on Thanksgiving day in the electronics retailers when most of them are closed. Does that imply that more shopping is being done online and could this eventually lead to the end of what we know as Black Friday?

  5. This short holiday season is going to make consumers feel a little scared of buying things in the store. When my family heard that someone died on Black Friday because of a stampede of crazy shoppers we only shopped online and mostly on cyber monday. In my opinion I don’t think black friday is a smart holiday to shop on because the stores don’t give such amazing deals. Just the first 50-100 people will get a pretty decent deal and thats it. If it were up to me I would shop a couple of months in advance for what my children want to avoid the crazy consumers.

  6. Once again the holiday season is rushed among us for people to buy all the hottest items before Thanksgiving even happens! When most people think of Thanksgiving, they think of spending time with their family and having great food. But to others, Thanksgiving means all the best deals in stores are only a day away, Black Friday. People go nuts to get the best deals on clothes and electronics and will go as far as waiting in a 6 hour line at midnight on Thanksgiving just to do it. I believe there are two types of consumers around the holiday season; the ones who do all their shopping early whether or not they get a great deal, and then the people who wait till the very last minute to do all of their shopping and cause so much chaos.

  7. Two weeks ago, I walked into Kohl’s looking for a few pairs of jeans. The second I passed through the door I was greeted by a handful of Christmas-themed displays. I shook my head, but immediately thought about my Marketing class.

    There is no question that Christmas is the busiest shopping season of the year. Why wouldn’t companies capitalize on that? The earlier you start, the greater potential for sales you have, right?

    Even if consumers don’t make a holiday purchase this early, it certainly gets them in the holiday shopping mood.

    I guess I just feel bad for Halloween and Thanksgiving. It seems like they get overshadowed year after year.

  8. Personally I’m really excited to go holiday shopping, and this information is really helpful to me. The holiday commercials have been already playing, and the first one I saw was even before Halloween (Best Buy). Like we discussed in class the amount of time to shop is very quick, and it hasn’t been this short amount of time in about 10 years. I usually don’t participate in Black Friday shopping, and I am always baffled in how many people stand in line to shop. Personally I like Cyber Monday because I can skip the lines and the stampedes of people. I think this year people will be rushing around even crazier than in the past. I’m still excited to buy gifts, but I am kind of feeling rushed to do so.

  9. Personally, I believe that Cyber Monday is going to continue growing in popularity as Black Friday begins to die out. The modern customer simply does not want to get out of bed, stand in line for hours and possibly get a product for a price that they would most likely be able to find online. To be honest, no one ever wanted to do that, but now that there are other options, consumers are looking for alternatives, and I think that they’ve found one that they liked with Cyber Monday.

  10. I hate holiday shopping, because everything is so hectic. Last year was the first, last and only year I will ever go shopping on Black Friday. It was an absolutely awful experience because of all the aggressive shoppers. Granted, I did purchase the majority of my Christmas presents at amazing deals, I don’t think the experience was worth the money I saved. This holiday season seems to be very quickly approaching, and I will most definitely be using the information in this article.

  11. I think people will find this article useful, especially with this holiday shopping season being shorter than usual. Everyone wants to get the best deals and this article shows just when to get them. Many people believe that Black Friday is the ultimate time for shopping but it was really interesting to read that not too many items are available for the best sale price on that day. I definitely think that as time goes on, the chaos surrounding Black Friday will die out. Especially with more stores opening on Thanksgiving and the growing popularity of Cyber Monday, Black Friday has more competition than ever.

  12. It should be really interesting to see how holiday shopping will go this year because of the whole, early Hanukkah. But it is also interesting to think about how Black Friday isn’t the absolute best day to get deals. Some people fear the Black Friday shopping because so many people go out and go crazy. But to think that there is other times to go get a great sale will help so many people in the end.

  13. Is it a little bit strange to think we’ve gotten it down to a science that we not only know when we can get the best deals, but also which day and which product each deal is going to be available and for the best price? Without a doubt one of the strangest things I’ve ready, and definitely in a good way because it gives me the inside out on when I can get all my products. I feel like some of them absolutely make sense (take candy become an item on sale after Halloween) but also some are just down right interesting in terms of who or what came up with that being the date…(like HDTV’s being better in sales the day of thanksgiving as opposed to Black Friday.)

  14. Although I believe that Cyber Monday, like most online shopping, is becoming more popular, I do not think that Black Friday will lose popularity. Despite how hectic malls and stores can get, people are always in search of the deals. The article by Kathy Kristoff is a perfect example of all the ways people can take advantage of sale opportunities. With the holiday shopping season shortened this year, I think these tips in her article will be extra helpful.

  15. It seems as if the holiday shopping craze starts earlier and earlier each year. I work in retail and I can tell you that many people have already been asking for those special holiday deals. On Thanksgiving it always makes me laugh to see advertisements for stores announcing their 3am Black Friday openings, or some stores claiming that they will offer deals lasting all night and through the early morning. I can’t help but think about those poor workers who will have shortened time with family! Because smart phones have been a popular and controversial trend lately, it is no surprise that they will be promoted as soon as possible (Thanksgiving Day). With a shortened holiday shopping span this year, consumers will definitely want to try and stay on top of all of the deals!

  16. The first thing that caught my eye was the fact that the article said Cyber Monday is a better time to buy clothing and shoes. I’ve always known Black Friday to be known for laptops and such but also clotting. I think many consumers will still continue the tradition of buying clothing and shoes on Black Friday though despite the better deals of Cyber Monday. I feel all the other information was accurate though. Cell Phones, tv’s and gaming can be bought most of the time on Thanksgiving and I also feel it is extended to Black Friday also. No matter what day you choose to buy your products during this week I feel doesn’t matter too much. Either way this extended weekend is the best time to shop so make sure you make your way out to the stores or online.

  17. I find it so interesting that we can calculate the best times to buy products during the holiday season. I bet that alot of people don’t even care about when to buy what though they see the sale sign and believe there getting a somewhat sale and settle with that. Others I think might feel that they have to spend more money on gifts for others so that they get that perfect gift at full quality, because they paid the best and highest amount for it. Holiday shopping can get so crazy with people getting hurt, because of black friday sales, that it some what turns me off to going crazy to get certain gifts.

  18. Holiday shopping is a hassle with everyone. Even when people think they found the best deals, there is someplace where they could of got it cheaper. I agree with Black Friday being an ideal day for technological purchases and Cyber Monday for clothing. Obviously after the holidays is where all prices will dramatically drop since businesses want to get rid of there supplies. So, I guess I should start my holiday shopping in January from now on.

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