2 Replies to “Way to Go Dr. Rick Wilson”

  1. Dr. Rick Wilson’s climate campaign is extremely impressive and inspirational. What I liked most after reading the article is that he is not a scientist, but a marketing professor. His contributions, though not scientific, were very useful because he is very successful in the marketing field. His is an expertise advertising and he used this speciality to come up with a fun character named Ozzie the Ostrich. Ozzie’s best quality is that he represents the average person who would be reading these advertisements on the subway. I think the campaign is an interactive, captivating way to reach out to the public. Congrats Dr. Wilson!

  2. Dr. RIck Wilson’s ad campaign spreading awareness of climate change is extremely impressive. Commuters on a subway are representative of every age group, therefore making the subway a great spot for an ad like that. It’s also very inspiring because he’s not even a scientist. It just goes to show that you can apply any skill you have to make a difference in a completely different industry. I’m proud to be a Hofstra student in a time like this!

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