Yesterday, we examined Global Internet Use in 2021. Including 5 infographics and a video. As a companion piece, we look at how much time we spend with various media.


In Several Countries: How Much Time We Spend with Various Media

Earlier this  month, Insider Intelligence and eMarketer published the highlights of a study of media use in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, India, China, Japan, and South Korea. The highlights include discussions and infographics for each of these countries. 

According to the snapshot of the report:

All over the world, people spent a lot of time at home in 2020. This produced abnormally high results for time spent with media in nearly every country. We are seeing a partial return to “normal” behavior in 2021, and expect time spent with some types of media to decline. However, when it comes to digital formats, consumers will keep many of their new media habits, at least to some extent. To help marketers understand consumption by country, eMarketer has created this Snapshot of our latest estimates for time spent with media.

To view the discussions and infographics for all nine countries, click here. Below are snapshots for the United States and China. They cover three-year forecasts,


Media Use in the United States

US adults in 2023 will spend upward of 8 hours (8:20) of time with digital, accounting for 64% of total time with media. Both subscription OTT and social experienced pandemic-induced bumps and will remain at the forefront of adults’ daily activities. Time spent with social will remain steady from 2021 to 2023, after initially breaking the hour mark in 2020. Driving digital video time is subscription OTT time, which will see the adult population spend nearly an hour and a half per day in 2023. An addition of 9 minutes from 2021.


Media Use in China

In 2023, adults in China will spend 7 hours and 50 minutes (7:50) on media each day. Time spent on digital media will reign over traditional media. Thereby, accounting for over 67% of total media time in 2023. Digital time will continue to grow this year through the end of 2023. As more time is spent on digital activities like watching videos online. This year, video streaming will account for 42% of digital time spent per day.


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