Today, we continue our recycling discussion from earlier this week. Click here. Yet, many firms are trying harder. And despite the company name, Nothing New really is an innovator.

Innovative Sneakers: Nothing New Really Is!

Nothing New is a rather new player in the recycling business. With a focus on recycled sneakers. As its company Web site notes:

“We started Nothing New to make a positive impact while creating products we love. No one ever intended for there to be so much plastic waste in the world. And we never intended to launch a sustainable sneaker brand with uppers and laces made entirely out of 100% recycled post-consumer plastic. Yet, here we are.”

“We want to be a good neighbor in our community, our industry and our world. From our material procurement through our Virtuous Circle exchange program, we are always striving to push the high water mark a little higher for sustainability, transparency, and integrity.”

“We may come from humble beginnings. But we have high aspirations. We want to leave the world better than we found it. Create products people love. And foster the development of sustainable solutions. We hope this is just the beginning. Thanks for being a part of our journey.”

Now, take a look at the materials that go into a pair of Nothing New sneakers. 🙂

Nothing New Really Is!

NONETHELESS, prices are quite reasonable.

Nothing New Really Is!

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