What motivates YOU as an employee? Because of the importance of this question, let’s study employee motivation by generation. Thus, as we would predict, differences abound. Also, we know younger employers greatly value work-life balance.

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An Infographic Look at Employee Motivation by Generation

As reported by Tools Hero, based on an infographic from SilverDoor:

“Most firms and organizations hire diverse generations of employees. And managing these different generations can be a challenge. To do better, we should get a clear view of the different types of generations. As well as their backgrounds and their understanding of concepts. And, of course, their belief system.”

“This infographic gives insights to can help you choose the right approach on motivation. These are some highlights of this motivating infographic: There are four major types of generations. Respect and benefits highly motivate influencers Music and movies indicates cultural background. And more… Would you like to read more about motivating different generations of employee? If yes, scroll down on this page to review the infographic.”

Employee Motivation by Generation

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  1. Its interesting to see how motivations change from generation to generation because it always isn’t apparent. I do definitely agree that a employee’s motivation ranges based on the generation they grew up in due to everything that was around them at the time. In my own work environment I see how differently people work based on their age and drive behind the way the execute the tasks at hand. It’s important to find a level of management that relates to every employee so everyone feels comfortable and feels mutual motivation.

  2. It is quite interesting to know that our generation values socialization rather money. Also, I think today’s generation values respect more than before is due to increasing number of hate crimes. Through social media, today we are able to promote the diversity of employees at the workplace, the diversity is important because it helps do things creatively. People from different backgrounds work together to achieve one common goal, each individual with their own unique opinion and methods to solve the problem helps produce the best results. Mixture of different generations is important since it helps produce world-class results.

  3. It is interesting that different generations value different things in the work force. But now that the chart shows what they were influenced by as children it makes sense. It must be hard for seniors in a company to work well with new interns or first year employees because they may have different values.I am surprised that one of the values for Generation Z is not money, because personally I feel like that is all I hear about is which major/ field of study will get you the most money.

  4. It is fascinating to see how each generation is motivated differently. It is evident how an employee’s motivation varies based on the generation they grew up in. I believe having different people work together is important because it brings different skills and perspectives. However, it is also very important to have management focus on everyone’s age and the way they choose to deal with situations.

  5. When it comes to the differences of generations the lines of when one ends and the other begins tend to vary depending on the source and depending on what the types of factors are being discussed in the scenario. There are always groups who are being mislabeled on their generation, such as many older generations claiming anyone younger than them are millennials when there are more than one group. There are many environmental and social matters which can greatly be influenced with who we are shaped by and the movements we choose to be apart of. Many of the cultural influences which happen within the different generations and how they were handled help determine how much motivation one should have towards working in their industries. Younger generations have different responsibilities and amounts of freedom towards what they are able to do, as compared to their parents generations. The younger generations also have grown up with technology and are much more familiar with working digitally than the older generations, which changes the way companies and offices are run as the younger groups are starting to enter the workforce. The types of motivation will be changing as the generations shift further with more retiring and new groups entering.

  6. It’s very interesting to see the differences among different generations. As I read the infographic and take note of each generation’s motivations I agree with all of them. However, I feel as if each generation’s motives carry on to the next along with new motives. For Example, I believe that generation Y is motivated by money, but also professional development opportunities, which is a motivation from generation x. Although it may be challenging for companies to incorporate employees from different generations, in the end I believe it is a great asset for a company because diversity is one aspect that allows a company to grow and expand.

  7. It is fairly intriguing to see the differences between each generation and their motivations for seeking certain employers. I agree that Generation Z seems to be more focused on money and methods of saving money. Since the current generations knows the negative effects of the previous generations actions, it seems to be harder for them to be able to go down the same path they did. Generation Z and millennials don’t have the same optimism that Baby Boomers had and therefore only want to survive and, if possible, thrive. It is interesting to see that Generation X is the most conscientious of all issues out of all of the generations.

  8. There is a strange detail that I notice here: Gen Z has respect as a big value for them, compared to other generations which valued independence or social consciousness. What will a respect-based culture look like in a few years under Gen Z? Honor-based? Will Gen Z form strong family groups?

  9. I enjoyed reading this blog as it was interesting to see what specifically motivates each generation. I find it surprising how Generation Z is motivated by more social aspects such as socialization with colleagues outside of the work place and mentoring platforms, yet Generation Y (millenials) is described as being the more image conscious generation. All of these generalizations, though, are accurate and seem to make sense. In the coming two decades, employers and companies will have to focus more on the later Generations (Y and Z) as those are the ones emerging into the workplace/ are already there, so they will need to know how to attract and keep those generations pleased. In addition, they will be seeing baby boomers and even some Generation X’ers start to exit the workplace.

  10. This post was really interesting to me because you can see how each generation differs in the way they are motivated in the workforce. Something that stood out to me was how our generation (Z) is motivated by respect and out of work socialization. That was interesting to me because I think that it is important that things remain respectful and friendly in the workplace and it was surprising that other generations didn’t feel the same.

  11. It’s always so interesting to see the generations lined up side by side. It was very interesting to me to see that Baby Boomers were characterized as optimistic. We then could see the downward slope from optimism, to independence, to self-conscious, to the vague Gen Z description. It’s also interesting to think of the ebb and flow of the job market and the economy during these incredibly differing times. As someone who is a part of Gen Z, I could actually relate to all of the motivations in the job market. It’s more and more common to see people identifying a group of their friends as their “work friends”, because Gen Z seems to want to enjoy their workspace by forming tight-knit relationships with those they are most often around. With the rise of the number of Millennial’s and Gen Z-er’s in the job market, it will be incredibly interesting to see how this infographic will further develop!

  12. I always find this kind of research very interesting. It is particularly interesting to work in environments with different age groups, and seeing for ourselves the different factors that motivate different workers. I agree with a lot of these characteristics and motivating factors, and wonder how an office manager leading employees of diverse ages can properly manage a team motivated by different things. This kind of manager might need to be more evaluative, looking for common elements that motivate all employees. This kind of manager may also need to personalize motivating factors and behaviors to meet individual motivation needs. On the employee side, I think it is also important to be open-minded to how our co-workers are motivated. This is big, considering many companies work on team projects that require different ages of workers to accomplish something together.

  13. It will be fascinating to see how employee motivation trends will be impacted by Generation Z… especially as the world changes at a more rapid pace in this day and age. It will be interesting to see the disparities between the Baby Boom generation and Generation Z and the influence of the Internet.

  14. I found this post to be very interesting as I am a management major. It is interesting to see how motivation changes from generation to generation. A lot of things actually surprised me like the fact that Generation Y was more motivated by money than Generation Z. It is also interesting to see how the Baby Boomers are more motivated by bettering themselves, and as time goes on, it becomes more of a group-oriented benefit. These are all great things to consider if you plan on pursuing a career in management.

  15. This is actually very interesting to see. I can agree that motivations for generation Z is very internet related, like youtube. When I was a younger kid, I would constantly be watching youtube for anything that interested me. I find it very weird that one direction was a huge motivator because I feel like that wasn’t a big part of many peoples childhood. Also I feel like Disney channel, and Nickelodeon would be a huge motivating factor.

  16. As a millennial generation, it’s very interesting to see these different things among these different generations. like what kind of things people in these different generations most care about. For marketers, it’s a good tool for us to know our generations and other different generations, what they most care about, how they think. great research and interesting results.

  17. It is so important for business’s to have employees who are comfortable and happy in their job. If an employee isn’t happy with the company they work for, it can affect the workplaces morale, efficiency, and employee retention. Therefore, this chart is incredibly useful for business’s in understanding what motivates and influences the needs of their employees.

  18. I believe that it is very important for business’ to have employees who genuinely enjoy what they’re doing without them going through any sort of work related stress or discomfort. Happy employees makes the work place much more enjoyable. The fact that different Generations plays a role in the employees is very interesting to read about here.

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