The Internet of Things (IoT) has a bright future. And we have posted on this topic many times. One huge field is Enterprise IoT. Thus, we discuss it in the first part of our post. Then, we look at the enterprise IoT security imperative.

According to TechTarget.  “IoT relates devices, objects, animals, or people with unique IDs. And it offers the ability to transfer data over a network. As such, it works without human interaction.”

Now, let’s review the IoT:


Background: Enterprise Internet of Things (EIoT)

To begin, what is the Enterprise Internet of Things?

According to John Greenough for Business Insider:

“The EIoT will be the largest IoT sector — enterprise, home, government. Because firms have the funds to buy IoT devices and services. Their EIoT benefits will accrue and spur adoption. IoT devices range from robot-like units to chips that hook into machines. They let users control the device or collect specific data.”


“Connected IoT products allow for in-depth knowledge of how their use. Besides new ways to interact with customers over the product life cycle. And to deliver large amounts of product data and information.”

In sum, McKinsey states:

“EIoT is rather new. Yet, 98% of survey respondents said most firms in their industry have EIoT plans. And they lift service operations and make operations clearer. Thus, they enable new business models and create new product offerings. For instance, a firm can create IoT services for better product quality. Besides lowering customer costs, these uses could transform business models.”

To understand this better, look at the McKinsey chart.

Booming Growth Means Enterprise IoT Security Imperative. Infographic Tips.

The Enterprise IoT Security Imperative

With the importance of EIoT comes the need for strong security. And at all costs, we must protect data.

Steve Hashman is Director of Marketing at CUBE. In that capacity, he has prepared the following infographic. And he titled it: Are we creating a secure Enterprise Internet of Things?”

Our thanks for the infographic. As you see, it cites valuable tips. So, be secure with your EIoT!

By clicking the infographic, see a larger view.

Booming Growth Means Enterprise IoT Security Imperative. An Infographic.

6 Replies to “Booming Growth Means Enterprise IoT Security Imperative”

  1. Read though the post, loved it. IoT is such a hot topic nowadays and I really should learn more about it! Also, i really like the info graphs because i think they demonstrate the points reasonable and clear..

  2. In the privacy section, I think the infographic brings up an interesting point about IoT vendors with hidden motives. Certainly a firm using these IoT product should know exactly how their data is being stored and accessed, especially when the data is tied directly to their customers. Customer data is highly valuable to a firm in implementing and maintining its own competitive strategy. Leakage of such data could spell disasterous when managed insecurely or inadequately.

  3. If a firm uses IoT, it can both really help and really hurt their business. For instance in retail, it can help business by drawing in more customers, helping customers find what they need without the need of associates, and providing fast and painless transactions. But, IoT can really hurt a firm with the security aspect. Since this is still new, it is hard to keep on top of security and privacy features. In this growing age of technology, it becomes easier to get into faulty security systems. This could lead to a lot pf problems and may actually turn customers away in hopes of protecting their privacy. Overall, I think IoT is great and it can really improve any business, but I think security and privacy measures need to be taken very seriously to improve its effectiveness.

  4. IoT is really need for a firm. It will save human resources for a company, and it will easy to let the firm know the data. Besides, it is good for transaction. However, I think the firm need to make a strong security to protect the data.

  5. IoT is a big issue, and it will change our life so much. As one of the most active sectors, EIoT would be very important for the whole IoT industry. The security issue is evident in this new growth industry since it highly rely on the internet and database which is invisible but easy to be attacked. The thing is that unless the security problem is solved, IoT, especially EIoT may have trouble to develop.

  6. The Internet of Things is an important part of the new generation of information technology and this is also an important stage of development in the information era. It needs to be safe enough that to protect the data. Otherwise the data will be leaked.

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