Last week, we posted about JWT Intelligence’s 100 best predictions for 2015.

But how about some past predictions by others that really turned out to be wrong? Take a look at this infographic.

3 Replies to “A Look Back at Some WAY Off Predictions”

  1. I believe that when new technology comes about no one wants to believe it will last forever. Not everyone likes change or believe that something revolutionary can happen in such a quick period of time with technology. Technology advances at such a fast rate that no one knows what will be in the world 15 years down the road. I believe that technological advancement is good to a certain point. At what point is it to say we can’t go further then this. The major problem now is artificial intelligence becoming a big problem, which it is and can hurt society in many ways.

  2. I found this article to be very funny. People will always till you your crazy when you spit out a new idea or maybe create something unconventional. However, you never know how good it might turn out if you give up on your idea or goal. I always give example like these to people who have an idea or something they want to do but feel they themselves can’t possibly do it. Not even millionaire and billionaire came from rich families. Some started of in the same type of room your in now.

  3. This article is very cool to read. It is always interesting to see how new products thrive in the marketplace and if they will succeed or not. My grandfather always talks about how far the television has come in the years and does not understand how a cell phone works. It is going to be amazing for me to see how technology changes in my lifetime and if I will be alive to see hover cars and even holograms.

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