On Wednesday May 27 at noon Central time, Indeed will present a Job Cast for New Grads. This session fits nicely as a complement to our job series during COVID-19.


Indeed to Present a Job Cast for New Grads

As we discussed recently, the job search for new college grads can be especially challenging these days.

Hence, the upcoming session from Indeed will be quite helpful:

If you are a new graduate feeling uncertain about your future, you are not alone. New and soon-to-be graduates have experienced significant and unexpected disruptions to their plans due to the spread of COVID-19. However, there are actions you can take to empower yourself and make informed decisions about your future given the circumstances. Learn how to prepare to enter the workforce as a recent graduate affected by the novel coronavirus in this webinar.

We’ll cover: The impact of COVID-19 on recent graduates. How to prepare to enter the workforce during COVID-19. Building your network virtually for future success.

The speaker:

Named one of Nine Black Women Leaders Dedicated to Empowering Others by Forbes, Brittney Oliver is a marketing communications professional specializing in public relations, event management, and content marketing strategy. Based in Nashville, TN, Brittney’s expertise and insights have been featured in Essence, Forbes, Fast Company, Refinery29, Black Enterprise, and countless podcasts. With a passion for helping millennials ease the transition from college to career, Brittney launched, Lemons 2 Lemonade, a series of events to help them create opportunities for themselves when the job search gets tough.

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