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  1. Last semester, in another mkt course, our group launched a survey about pro-purchase behaviors of Nike customers, and we have a interesting discover is that although customers think that buying Nike products through websites is convenient, they more prefer to return products in-store. So without a doubt, e-commerce has become a main steam and having a bright future, but marketers should pay more attention to customers’ after-behaviors which definitely influence the second purchase.

  2. These facts are amazing to me especially the social and drone categories. To start off with the social category, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have recently become more than just social places to chat with friends and share liked-pages. Its become this online shopping app where we now will get advertisements as we scroll through our pages. Places that meet the given age population and certain pages we follow will give us different advertisements. Things such as, progressive car insurance ads, clothing brands and sales, drinks and food restaurants. All of these companies created instagram pages and people become more curious and click on these ad pages and this can grow the companies population of business if people want to “follow” the advertisements web pages. It smart! The other category, the drones, is also very interesting in the sense that now its become more technology based with delivery. This makes it easier for the customer to not have to go out and pick up a package and it can be delivered right to their door step. I feel like this may affect UPS jobs and employers but overall I think its another great way to get satisfaction from customers to want to order again from businesses that have these drones.

  3. Due to the advancement of technologies, it created a revolution in the commerce sector as previously, shops are being established in order for the customers to come in person to purchase the products. However, due to the internet, the game is changed. Now people just purchase items on through their smartphones or electronic gadgets, which also means the market has expand as last time, one have to travel and there is only so much time someone can shop, now people can actually shop anytime of the day if they want, maybe during midnight or even their lunch break. Also, maintaining a online store is easier than an actual store as all the transactions are being recorded and tracked so companies can easily obtain data and statistics of the consumers. Hence, affecting the company’s marketing strategies and development process, while cutting down expenses and costs at the same time. As long as companies can overcome the shopping experience that a shopper has when going to the actual shop than shopping online, E-commerce will eventually dominate the market.

  4. Based on these statistics it seems that the e-commerce is still growing. But in the near future this industry will take over the conventional retail stores. I think the app revolution is the best invention in the 21st century as of now. It has made life so much easier. With a press of a button one can have a car in front of them(Uber).

  5. The article “Another Perspective on the Future of E-Commerce” was intriguing because I could relate to the statistics shown in the info graphic. I am part of the 62% who would rather purchase online if I am able to return an item in store; part of the shoppers who learn about businesses and new products on Instagram, Twitter, etc.; and the shopper who spends more time on apps rather than web pages. To me, looking for businesses, products, retail, etc. online is easier to compare and saves much more time than in-store.

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