We could literally write a post every day about the developments in consumer technology. There are that many innovations being introduced into the marketplace.

John Brandon, a contributing editor at Inc. magazine, discusses seven eye-catching products that will be appearing soon. What do YOU think?

  1. HP 3D Printer
  2. Project Ara (a mobile phone whose components will snap together)
  3. Vanguard ID Systems ViewTag (a programmable luggage tag that tracks the luggage)
  4. Apple iPhone 6 (a “phablet” with a longer battery life)
  5. Intel RealSense (a 3D camera for laptops, tablets, and other devices that senses finger movements, reads facial reactions, and listens to your voice)
  6. 802.11ai Wi-Fi (faster and easier to connect to a network)
  7. Android Wear Smartwatch

Click the image to read more detail on Brandon’s creative picks.


19 Replies to “Coming Tech Gadgets”

  1. All of these new gadgets are very exciting. I personally am looking forward to Google’s Project Ara. This takes me back to the years of customizing my desktop PC. I loved the freedom and the challenge of building your own unique PC that was best suited to your needs and budget. Google is bringing something similar to the smartphone market where instead of choosing to buy from a few select models, you would get to assemble your very own personal and unique smartphone. And you would no longer have to throw out the phone completely, instead you can just keep upgrading the parts that you feel are outdated for your needs. This will definitely create a great divide among the smartphone users much like how it was/is in the desktop PC market.

  2. Holy unbelievable the wisdom of human beings, i couldn’t imagine how the world will look like in the day after 20 years or 50 years. Where we live, how we communicate, whether students still go to school to take class and employees travel everyday to go to office. Will the world still under control when the day come people have access to the increasingly advanced technologies? We are gonna to have Project Ara designed for mobile phones, may one day we will have upgraded Project Ara which can be applied to any kind of electronics with standard snapped components to form cameras, computers, phones, tablets, printers and more.

  3. Everyday it seems there is some new, innovative device being invented. We are living in a golden age for digital technology. Computers, hardware, and software have evolved and grown so quickly that this is even possible. Back in the 1950s, a computer was the size of a classroom. Now almost everyone in the US carries a computer with them at all times. Innovations will continue to pop up quicker and quicker. I can’t wait to see what people invent next.

  4. With all this advanced technology, it seems A.I. isn’t far off. With technology getting “smarter”, it seems there’s almost no limit to what can be invented. As tech becomes more advanced, it’s inevitable that it will become a bigger part of our lives. Two very interesting tech types are the 3D printer and wearable gadgets. Imagine being able to print objects or wear cell phones; this truly seems like technology out of a science fiction movie.

  5. Personally, I think iPhone 6 is the most attractive product to me. There was a fierce competition in the cellphone industry these years especially in terms of touch screen phone. And Apple is always the most creative innovator in this sector, so I am looking forward to its new “secret weapon” which will definitely include in iPhone6.

  6. It never ceases to amaze me what this world and its inhabitants can come up with for new technology. Not to long ago I had my first run in with seeing someone wearing google glasses in person. Although some of this technology is very appealing to me, such as the luggage tag and the HP 3d printer, technology advances also scare me a bit. I understand the world is changing and I am with the times, but there is nothing quite like a handwritten letter, and a face to face interaction. These are ideas that I think, over time, we are losing touch with. Everyone is becoming their very own Inspector Gadget and I always make this reference, but I think there is a lot to say about the movie Wall-E and where human could be headed. As technology grows, so does our connection with reality and the ground.. the earth itself.
    (not to be morbid or anything)

  7. While all of these new gadgets are engaging, I find something odd about the list. Excluding the first two and the Intel 3D Camera, all of them are progressions of already existing items. The difference in these items is their high advertisement and marketability. Why buy a product that has 802.11ai Wi-Fi if the current standard is already working fine?

    That being said, the three remaining products look to be ideas that are rapidly evolving. 3D Printers, the rise of new operating systems, and virtual reality are all the newest tech fads of the 21st Century. The surprising part is the ready availability of these items. A 3D Printer may be expensive but you can still buy it at a price. Most 3D Printers are made my third-party manufacturers (read: start-up companies) so having an HP product on the market would attract buyers for the name rather than the ability of that printer. New operating systems can already be seen by the growing Android market and the increase in interest of Ubuntu operating systems. The most recent development with the Virtual Reality market is the Facebook acquisition of Oculus Rift. The Oculus Rift, to summarize, is a in-development virtual reality device that attaches a device to one’s head as the eyes will see two images, due to the eye’s focusing of images, while a camera tracks head movements. At the moment, the Oculus Rift is primarily being used for gaming capabilities but Facebook’s acquisition is more primed to get people inside popular attractions like basketball games. As Mark Zuckerberg states: “This is really a new communication platform. By feeling truly present, you can share unbounded spaces and experiences with the people in your life. Imagine sharing not just moments with your friends online, but entire experiences and adventures.”

  8. I always find it interesting what Apple comes up with next The iPhone 6 seems like a nice change compared to what the past few models have been like. It seems like the design is more similar to an android due to the tablet design. Technology definitely keeps consumers on their toes. I think out of all these tech gadgets in the article the Google’s Project Ara seems to be like the next “big thing”.

  9. With the continuous growth of technology, I believe it is hard to keep coming up with new ideas. Therefore, it is observed that much of the new technological gadgets are combinations of 2 different products. This creates efficiency for some while complications for others. I think it will be interesting to see how the growth of technology is inspiring new technological inventions and what will be created.

  10. While many of these technologies are revolutionary, like the 3D printer, I think that I am most impressed by a more powerful wifi signal. While most of these gadgets are very impressive, I think it’s important to not forget about the current technologies that need attention. Wifi connection is generally very slow and spotty, problems that would probably render the new technologies useless if not working properly.

  11. All of these new items that will soon be released make me very happy ! I love when new faster wifi is invented which gives me faster and quicker connections. Also, I cannot wait for the Iphone 6 to be released or reviews given on it because one thing I do love buying is apple Iphones. I like to see what new features apple comes up with now which is an upgrade from an already great phone which is the iphone 5. I figured a 3d Printer would be invented sometime soon, but the WIFI has to be my favorite one thus far. Who wouldn’t want more service and quicker connections to the internet.

  12. I love and hate how quickly technology grows and advances. It is great to know that people are always being creative and innovative and introducing new products/ideas into the marketplace. However, it is also extremely frustrating how quickly the value of current technology depreciates because newer and better things are being created. I don’t believe that there is a real need for a new device every 6 months to a year.

  13. It is almost becoming difficult to keep up with all of these new technological advancements, but it is also great to see the many creative innovations that are being introduced into the marketplace. Products such as Project Ara and the HP 3D Printer show to what extent technology has advanced up to this day. The 802.11ai Wi-Fi is also something that would appeal to many people, even if it is a minor tech advancement, because it resolves connection issues and would make it a lot easier to get work done quicker.

  14. The 3-D printer is the new “gadget” I find most interesting. I think it is absolutely amazing that technology has come as far as it has. I think it will be beneficial for science and research to have physical models that you can create yourself. I also love that there is another iPhone coming out soon. The iPhone itself has come such a long way, and it is such an amazing product that society loves. The more technology seems to be improving, it benefits society and society’s wants and needs.

  15. It’s crazy to think that mobile phones weren’t around 50 years ago. Now we’re expecting the iPhone 6 and watches that could answer your phone and take pictures. Speaking of the new Android smartwatch, I’ve been thinking about purchasing it because I heard it’s a great tool to accompany my Samsung Galaxy s4.

  16. All of these products seem really cool and interesting and I wonder which will actually make it in the marketplace. Personally I thought that the phone that snaps together will be a fail because people lose their phone so easily and if you add pieces that can come off it will be so much easier to misplace pieces and ultimately break/lose your phone. I definitely think that the luggage tag will come in handy especially for those that travel a lot. The WiFi will definitely be popular because so many smartphone users are constantly looking for WiFi connection and with rising prices for phone data people are using WiFi to cut down on their data usage. As far as the Iphone 6 I am not sure what new features they could put on it that will make it different from the 5s but I guess we will have to wait and see. I hope that the battery life is longer because the life on my iPhone is terrible.

  17. All of these new innovations are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to hi-tech gadgets. I think I’m most excited to see how successful the Intel Real Sense will be. A camera that can read facial reactions and finger movements is very intriguing. These innovators are doing what they should do, which is watching the market, understanding what the consumer wants (longer battery life, faster Wi-Fi etc.) and attempting to supply the product.

  18. I really like the idea of 3D printer, to me, it is really a brilliant idea that will definitely change the way of some manufacture industry. Imagine that you don’t have to go to a store or shopping online for a mug cup, you can just design your own mug cup at home and print it out. I would definitely purchase a 3D printer when the product become mature.

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