Small Firms & Pricing: Questions to Consider – Part 2

by Joel R. Evans and Barry Berman

This is the second in our series of six columns on hints for price-setting by small firms. How would you respond to these

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Small Firms & Pricing: Questions to Consider – Part 1

by Joel R. Evans and Barry Berman 

One of the most crucial areas of decision making for small firm is pricing. Yet, we have found that small firms often do

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TV Interview on Database Marketing

This television interview of Hofstra University’s Professor Joel Evans (from the Zarb School of Business) recently appeared on Fios1’s Money & Main$treet program. The interview was conducted by host Giovanna

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Improve Your Career Planning: A Slideshow and Two Videos

Here are three very different types of information that should aid you in career planning:

“How much

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The Value of Market Research for Small and Medium Firms

Research is as important for small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) as for larger firms. But the SMEs often may have less experience in gathering and analyzing information.

Consider these observations

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