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Hofstra Marketing: Exciting Times Ahead

15 Sep

The The Hofstra University Zarb School of Business at Hofstra University will be opening its new state-of-the-art building in fall 2018. The School’s Department of Marketing and International Business is especially excited. This short YouTube video featuring two department professors shows why. πŸ™‚


Post-Purchase Communication Is a BIG DEAL

7 Sep

Post-purchase communication is a key to continued customer patronage as well as to long-term brand loyalty. Poor follow-up can be quite detrimental to customer relationships. So, how can we do better?

Alexandra Sheehan, writing for Shopify, offers several observations and tips to enhance post-purchase communication:

“Post-purchase communication is an essential facet of any marketing and customer retention strategy. 50% of consumers feel buyer’s remorse after a purchase; so this is your opportunity to help rationalize the purchase and ease their worries. Focusing on and building relationships with your existing customers is a cost-effective way to boost sales. Acquiring new customers costs five times as much as it costs to retain existing customers. A new customer is 5%–20% likely to make a purchase, while existing customers are 60%–70%. Increasing customer retention rates by 5% leads to an increase in profits of at least 25%.”

“Effective post-purchase communications contribute to higher customer retention rates. It keeps the conversation going with your customers after they leave your store, strengthens the relationship with your brand, and helps inspire brand loyalty. From E-mail receipts to customer support, here are some post-purchase communication strategies and examples you can steal for your business.”

Click the image to read Sheehan’s many suggestions for energizing post-purchase communication and building stronger customer relations.

Image Credit: Get Vero


Happy Labor Day

4 Sep

In the United States, Labor Day has been celebrated since 1882 — yes, for 135 years. In honor of Labor Day 2017, we offer this fun post with lots of interesting facts and trivia. πŸ™‚
[Note: The source of each image is noted in the image; and clicking on the image shows a larger view.]






ESPN: Hopping on the Taylor Swift Bandwagon

1 Sep

Taylor Swift caused a social media sensation when she released her controversial new music video “Look What You Made Me Do.” At just one site, there were 112 million views in the first four days after the full video’s release.


Marketers have quickly chimed in with videos related to the song. For example, ESPN has been running a commercial promoting tomorrow night’s big Alabama-Florida State football game. Interestingly, as of the time of this post, the video of the ad has only garnered 23,000 views at YouTube.



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