The Most Trustworthy Sources for Women Shoppers

In today’s multimedia, digital advertising/promotion environment, consumers do not view all sources as equally trustworthy (or very trustworthy). For this post, let’s consider the trustworthiness of media by women consumers.

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Ad Campaigns That Inspire

Great ads can inspire us and elevate the image of an organization and its brands. Unfortunately, in this era of heavy advertising clutter, “inspiring” ads are too rare. 🙂


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Evans on Marketing’s Most Popular Posts for the First Half of 2015

Thank you for reading our posts. 🙂

Here are the most popular 12 posts thus far in 2015 (January 1-June 30). Take a look if you missed any of

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Consumers Down on Data Mining

As we have reported many times (see, for example, 1, 2, 3, 4), privacy and identity theft are important issues for all of us. With that

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Regulatory Issues In Europe for U.S. Tech Companies

For quite a while, the European Commission has been rather tough in regulating large  American companies doing business in Europe and penalizing them when their practices are deemed unacceptable —

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