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Thinking About a Career in Marketing?

5 Jul

In the slideshow below, learn about the vast range of job possibilities in marketing, the kinds of organizations that employ marketers, and annual compensation for many marketing-related jobs.


What Is the Proper Role of Marketing?

30 Apr

In Marketing in the 21st Century by Evans and Berman, marketing is defined as the “anticipation, management, and satisfaction of demand through the exchange process.” According to the American Marketing Association: Marketing “is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

Wow, that is a mouthful (even if one of those definitions is from me. :-) ).

So, let’s take a more “real world” perspective about the role of marketing, as described by Daniel Newman for Forbes:

“Perhaps the greatest misconception in the world of marketing is that the role of the marketer is to drive awareness to the brand. In reality, marketers are first and foremost responsible for creating customers; awareness is merely one portion of the buyer’s journey. With the proliferation of digital marketing, social media, and the hyper-aware consumer, the journey has changed a little bit and the role of marketing has evolved with it.  Having said that, the growth of new channels hasn’t changed the fact that marketers are supposed to be creating customers, but what it has done is make many of our marketing efforts more measurable.”

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New Information on Careers in Marketing

2 Dec

As has been reported by various sources (see, for example, 1, 2, 3), there are many rewarding career opportunities in marketing. And the potential for career advancement and good earnings (six to seven figure annual compensation if one reaches the top) is strong.

The late Steve Jobs’ greatest talent was his marketing vision regarding product design and innovations, along with his passionate promotion of Apple products. Mark Zuckerberg is first and foremost a great marketer for Facebook! Every big accounting firm needs marketing professionals to get the message out to prospective clients.

Click here to see updated information on the range of marketing jobs and the earnings potential.

According to Kyle Kensing, writing for CareerCast:

“The advertising and marketing industries’ influence is ever present. Open a Web page, turn on a radio or television, walk outside and see a billboard or bus bench, and that impact is clear. The best jobs in advertising and marketing bring products and services into the public consciousness.”

If a tree falls in the forest but no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?, asks an old proverb. Apply the same principle to marketing. Without consumer awareness, does a product exist?

“Consider that Samsung spent a reported $11 billion in marketing and advertising in 2012. And that’s just one company. Google’s advertising revenue topped $20 billion in the United States last year, surpassing print outlets for the first time. The staggering sums of money being spent in marketing and advertising are an investment in even higher returns. Thus, professionals in these industries are faced with high-stakes decisions on a daily basis.”


Marketing as a Career: A CNN Money Double Top Ten!

30 Nov

Evans on Marketing:

See the potential of a marketing career!!!

Originally posted on Evans on Marketing:

In case anyone is wondering how marketing fares as a career track compared with other professions, let’s look at the most recent report from CNN Money/Payscale.com: “And the winners are… It’s still a tough market, but America’s best jobs offer big growth opportunities, great pay, and work that’s satisfying. Our top 100 offer outstanding prospects in the years ahead.”Click here to see the top 100.

Here are the top 10 careers. TWO are in marketing:

  1. Biomedical Engineer
  2. Marketing Consultant
  3. Software Architect
  4. Clinical Research Associate
  5. Database Administrator
  6. Financial Adviser
  7. Market Research Analyst
  8. Physical Therapist
  9. Software Developer
  10. Occupational Therapist


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YouTube Reaching New Highs in Popularity

10 Apr

YouTube is constantly growing in popularity. According to a survey by AYTM Market Research, nearly 22 percent of U.S. Internet users visit YouTube on a daily basis. Only 8.5 percent say that never visit YouTube.

Click the eMarketer chart to learn more.



An Infographic Look at the Evolution of Marketing Technology

5 Mar

The technology involved with marketing communications has had an interesting evolution over the past 100 years or so.

Marketo’s Dayna Rothman notes: “As technology has become more and more embedded in the lives of consumers, marketing has evolved at a rapid pace. From radio, to television, to the internet and smart phones, marketers have had to become more creative in order to reach their audience through the noise. Many still struggle with the constantly expanding network of engagement, but the introduction of marketing automation technology has provided a way for marketers to spread their word across an ever-increasing variety of channels.”

Check out this infographic from Marketo.

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Key Skills for a Long-Term Successful Marketing Career

23 Feb

As we recently posted, it is imperative for everyone looking to get a job or advance in a current one to acquire and promote the skills you will most need to succeed in the career marketplace.

The future for marketing professionals will require a somewhat different set of skills than in the past and present. With this in mind, consider these observations from Bob Boehnlein, writing for Business 2 Community:

“Traditionally, marketers have had foundations in language, communications, and/or business. What talents will new hires need to bring to the table? Without question, there’s a need for exceptional abilities in mathematics, statistics, predictive modeling, IT . . . But, in a broader sense, this new generation of marketers also must be able to:

  • “Analyze data. Analysis and reporting are two different skills. It’s not enough for marketers to prepare year-end summaries or add up columns on a spreadsheet. Effective marketing now requires data analysis, the interpretation of inputs to generate actionable insights.”
  • “Collaborate. Marketers can no longer squirrel themselves away in their own department. Cross-disciplinary communication and cooperation are key, and marketing teams need people who can bridge gaps throughout the enterprise.”
  • “Think for the business. Analyzing data is essential, but analysis must be framed in the context of the business. Insights are only valuable if they drive revenue and top-line growth.”
  • “Roll up their sleeves. New hires must hit the ground running in a new marketing landscape. They need to question any remnants of old-school thinking and work to better define processes, consolidate practices, and improve performance.”
  • “Take a customer-centric approach. Marketers must elevate the customer experience so it’s compelling, personalized, and consistent across all touchpoints. Data collection, automated analysis, and targeted distribution will play even larger roles as customer insight and real-time analytics become increasingly important for competitive advantage.”

Click the image to read more from Bob Boehnlein.

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