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The Impact of Corporate Culture on Branding

16 Apr

A clear , desirable, and distinctive product/brand positioning message is essential for companies to be successful in today’s competitive marketplace.

What is sometimes under-appreciated is how crucial the corporate culture is in establishing and maintaining the correct product/brand position in consumers’ minds.

Take a look at this infographic for an innovate perspective on this from masters-in-marketing.org. Click the infographic for a lot more background information.
Corporate Culture
Source: Masters-in-Marketing.org

An Infographic Primer on Self-Branding

11 Apr

As we have noted through several posts (click here, for example), self-branding is an essential tool in one’s career toolbox.

Here is a detailed infographic on self-branding by Seth Price of Placester and Barry Feldman of Feldman Creative (hosted at marketingprofs.com) that offers more for you to think about.



Who Dominates Four Key Industries Globally?

27 Mar

For a number of industries (such as banking, media, food and beverage, and oil), a few large companies dominate globally. Here is an interesting infographic from www.internationalbusinessguide.org.

Click the infographic to access data on the firms cited in the chart.


 Source: InternationalBusinessGuide.org


A Job Skills Infographic

4 Mar

Evans on Marketing:

A must read!

Originally posted on Evans on Marketing:

How do you stack up on this job skills infographic fromYoutern?

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Better Marketing to B2B Customers

19 Feb

We spend so much time on business-to-consumer marketing, that we sometimes underappreciate the importance of business-to-business marketing. The best companies do understand the role of B2B marketing.

As Jen Agustin reports for Bizo: “Marketers are realizing that branding is a strategy not just for the Coca-Cola’s and Nike’s of the B2C world. Branding does indeed matter in the B2B buying process. Because prospects are waiting longer before engaging with salespeople, marketers need to use branding to get their companies, products, and services out there as early as possible in order to earn a spot on the evaluation shortlist later on. This means getting in front of the right people before they even realize they have a business challenge to solve.”

Consider the following infographic.

Should Marketers Be Climbing the Vine?

18 Feb

Is Vine.co (owned by Twitter) ready to be the next “big thing” in social media? Already, it has generated some changes by competitor Instagram. When it was launched in late January 2013, Vine announced that it “We wanted to make it easier for people to create and share videos from a device we almost always have with us: our phone. Since then, you’ve shown time and again that video can bring us together in new and profound ways. You inspire us every day. Thank you for making our first year so special.”

As a more independent expert, Douglas Karr, reports for MarketingTechBlog: “Vine launched a year ago and has had quite a bit of success. Think of Vine as a video version of Twitter, where you record short clips of video and upload them. It’s not surprising that Twitter purchased Vine and integrated playing the videos from Twitter and their applications. When using the app, the camera records only while the screen is being touched, allowing you to do some nifty videos.”

Check out this infographic to see how well Vine is doing — and why marketers should take note!!


A New Social Media Infographic

28 Jan

For a look at some social media predictions for 2014, view the infographic below from Offerpop, a social media service company.

As Offerpop says: “Want to stay ahead of the curve in 2014? We’ve predicted the trends and technologies that will impact marketers this year. Check out our latest infographic, and learn how brands embrace new social media strategies to drive engagement and spark sales.”

The Shopper of the Future Is Here!

25 Jan

Take a look at the popular and informative infographic below on shopping worldwide in 2014 and beyond.

As Nicky Yates observed for Social Media Week: “What if I told you that each time someone shares a product, a business makes $2.04? Or that mobile accounts for 15-20% of eBay’s purchases? How we shop is drastically changing; which means the retail industry is drastically changing. With mobile use increasing and the advent of contact-less payment options for stores, it’s an exciting time.

The infographic was prepared by Gift-Library.com,  which “offers a unique combination of Personal Shopping and fulfillment for high-end luxury gifts.”



Self Branding for a Successful Career

12 Jan

Self branding — how we wanted to be perceived by employers, potential employers, peers, and others — is a major key to long-term career success.

With this in mind, here are a few questions:

  • Can you summarize yourself professionally in 25 words or less?
  • Do you have the skill set that employers want?
  • Is your skill set distinctive?
  • Do you regularly review and update your self positioning statement?
  • Do you regularly add to your skill set?
  • Is your self positioning statement well articulated at the top of your resume and at your LinkedIn profile?
  • Do you seek out feedback on your LinkedIn profile?
  • Is your self branding an honest reflection of yourself?


Here are some helpful posts that we have made on this topic. Take a look:


Are You Ready to Succeed? Check Out These Tips

11 Jan

Do you want to improve yourself? Would you like to have a “failure-resistant brain”? Well, sometimes we need to think outside the box and be open minded. :-)

According to Nathalie Nahai, Chief Editor of The Web Psychologist: “Here [below] is an infographic that gives you 8 secrets revealing how to create a failure-resistant brain, based on the experiences of winning personalities and how they made their way to the top – including celebrities B.B. King, Laura Linney, and Olympian Kerri Strug, and other fantastic people ranging from an FBI agent and fighter pilot to a high-altitude window washer.”

Take a look at Nahai’s interesting infographic, which was produced by A Winning Personality.


Bet on your brain - the psychology of winning



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