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Best U.S. Schools for Business Majors by Earnings: Zarb Is in the Top Twenty

15 Apr

Evans on Marketing:

Zarb Means Business!


Originally posted on Zarb Means Business:

Great news for Hofstra University graduates overall and for Zarb School grads in particular!

According to the2013-2014 PayScale College Salary Report, Hofstra graduates ranked 69th out of 1,017 colleges and universities. 

For Zarb School graduates, the news in this report was especially good. Zarb School graduates ranked in a tie for 19th for mid-career pay; and Zarb was listed among the “Best Schools for Business Majors.”

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Hats Off to HAMA

13 Apr

Evans on Marketing:

The strength of marketing at the Zarb School! :-)

Originally posted on Zarb Means Business:

Each year, the American Marketing Association   (AMA) holds a collegiate conference in New Orleans for several hundred student chapters. This year, HAMA (Hofstra’s student AMA chapter) did extremely well at the conference.

According to faculty advisor, Dr. Rick Wilson: “I’m pleased to announce that at this weekend’s American Marketing Association’s 36th Annual International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans, HAMA was awarded a spot in the coveted ‘Top 25′ list of best performing AMA chapters in North America. There are a total of 351 chapters.”

“In all, the chapter took home the following awards:

  1. Top 25 Chapter status
  2. Outstanding Professional Development
  3. Outstanding Chapter Planning
  4. Outstanding Chapter Communications
  5. Honorable Mention for Marketing Week activities
  6. Honorable Mention for the Case Competition”

Here’s a photo of our winning team. Congratulations.

HAMA in New Orleans

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Careers in Marketing: Sharpen Your Digital Skills

1 Mar

In planning for the next phase of your career, think digital. There are — and will be — a lot of opportunities out there. :-)



Better Positioning Yourself for a Promotion

26 Feb

We’ve written a lot about the importance of self-branding as part of the career development process.

Here are some more tips. These are from Alexia Vernon (a career expert), writing for Careerealism.com, and relate to positioning oneself when seeking a promotion. Vernon offers six hints:

  1. Under promise, over deliver
  2. Be an intrapreneur
  3. Work on your internal company networking
  4. Balance short- and long-run thinking
  5. Do not be negative in any way
  6. Be your own advocate

Click the image to read Vernon’s discussion about these tips.


Secrets for Influencing Others

14 Feb

Do you want to be a leader or a follower? To me, the answer is both. Sometimes, we want to get out in front of things and show our leadership skills. Other times, we need to be a cooperative and collaborative team member.

But, if we are not experienced or “natural born” leaders, what can we do to make ourselves better? Minda Zetlin writes for Inc. that: “Ever wish you were better at getting people to do what you want? You can be. All it takes is practice and desire.”

According to Zetlin, there are ten things that we can do to better influence others to follow our leadership:

  1. Listen — “Even if you already know what people are going to say, and even if there’s no way you can do what they want, start by listening.”
  2. Ask questions — “Careful questioning will help you determine what people really want, which is often different from what they say they want.”
  3. Make a human (personal) connection with people — “Look for ways to connect that have nothing to do with the work at hand.”
  4. Be more informal — “Decide what you feel comfortable having other people know about you, and then give them a few details. You’ll make other people feel safer and engage their human side.”
  5. Never miss an opportunity to say thank you.
  6. Never miss a chance to praise someone — “Most of us never get enough praise for the things we work hard to do.”
  7. Don’t be afraid to apologize — “An apology is one of the most powerful tools you have for winning people to your side.”
  8. Try to determine what goals others are seeking — “If you can figure out what people really want or need and make sure they get it, they’ll be that much more likely to give you what you need from them.”
  9. Help others not to be or feel embarrassed by anything — such as publicly applying for a job for which he/she is not qualified.
  10. Use the phone more and texting and E-mail less — “There are times when a phone call or face-to-face communication makes a big difference.”

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Are You Ready to Succeed? Check Out These Tips

11 Jan

Do you want to improve yourself? Would you like to have a “failure-resistant brain”? Well, sometimes we need to think outside the box and be open minded. :-)

According to Nathalie Nahai, Chief Editor of The Web Psychologist: “Here [below] is an infographic that gives you 8 secrets revealing how to create a failure-resistant brain, based on the experiences of winning personalities and how they made their way to the top – including celebrities B.B. King, Laura Linney, and Olympian Kerri Strug, and other fantastic people ranging from an FBI agent and fighter pilot to a high-altitude window washer.”

Take a look at Nahai’s interesting infographic, which was produced by A Winning Personality.


Bet on your brain - the psychology of winning


Evans on Marketing: Our Most Popular Posts of 2013

30 Dec

Thanks so much for stopping by this blog. We hope you have enjoyed it — and learned a thing or two :-)

As our year-end recap, here the top ten most popular posts at Evans on Marketing for 2013. Take another (or a first) look. They are listed in order of the number of views.

  1. Do You Regularly Check Yourself Out at Google?
  2. Great Privacy Tip: How to Go Incognito on Google Chrome
  3. Are You Trying NOT to Get A Job?
  4. Ten Tips to Help You Get a Job Interview
  5. A Job Skills Infographic
  6. The Volkswagen Jetta Promotes Safety
  7. The Value of Infographics
  8. Where Consumers Will Pay More for Products from Socially-Conscious Companies
  9. Do YOU Provide Too Much Online Information About Yourself?
  10. 15 Traits of Superior Employees


Women in Entertainment: The Power 100

20 Dec

Every year, the Hollywood Reporter publishes an issue that features the leading women in the entertainment industry.

Click the image to see the latest listing.



New Information on Careers in Marketing

2 Dec

As has been reported by various sources (see, for example, 1, 2, 3, 4), there are many rewarding career opportunities in marketing. And the potential for career advancement and good earnings (six to seven figure annual compensation if one reaches the top) is strong.

The late Steve Jobs’ greatest talent was his marketing vision regarding product design and innovations, along with his passionate promotion of Apple products. Mark Zuckerberg is first and foremost a great marketer for Facebook! Every big accounting firm needs marketing professionals to get the message out to prospective clients.

Click here to see updated information on the range of marketing jobs and the earnings potential.

According to Kyle Kensing, writing for CareerCast:

“The advertising and marketing industries’ influence is ever present. Open a Web page, turn on a radio or television, walk outside and see a billboard or bus bench, and that impact is clear. The best jobs in advertising and marketing bring products and services into the public consciousness.”

If a tree falls in the forest but no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?, asks an old proverb. Apply the same principle to marketing. Without consumer awareness, does a product exist?

“Consider that Samsung spent a reported $11 billion in marketing and advertising in 2012. And that’s just one company. Google’s advertising revenue topped $20 billion in the United States last year, surpassing print outlets for the first time. The staggering sums of money being spent in marketing and advertising are an investment in even higher returns. Thus, professionals in these industries are faced with high-stakes decisions on a daily basis.”


Marketing as a Career: A CNN Money Double Top Ten!

30 Nov

Evans on Marketing:

See the potential of a marketing career!!!

Originally posted on Evans on Marketing:

In case anyone is wondering how marketing fares as a career track compared with other professions, let’s look at the most recent report from CNN Money/Payscale.com: “And the winners are… It’s still a tough market, but America’s best jobs offer big growth opportunities, great pay, and work that’s satisfying. Our top 100 offer outstanding prospects in the years ahead.”Click here to see the top 100.

Here are the top 10 careers. TWO are in marketing:

  1. Biomedical Engineer
  2. Marketing Consultant
  3. Software Architect
  4. Clinical Research Associate
  5. Database Administrator
  6. Financial Adviser
  7. Market Research Analyst
  8. Physical Therapist
  9. Software Developer
  10. Occupational Therapist


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