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Adidas’ View of the World Cup

6 Apr

The upcoming 2014 World Cup in Brazil will the world’s most viewed sporting event of the event of the year — yes, more viewers than for the Super Bowl.

As with other major sporting events, the technology involved in creating a better customer experience for the World Cup continues to be cutting edge. This year’s innovation: a camera embedded in the soccer ball.

Raymond Wong, reporting for, notes that:

“Created by adidas, the brazucam is arguably the most high-tech soccer ball ever conceived. The custom soccer ball is equipped with six high definition cameras (GoPros, if you must know), which will be used to record the game from new angles. What kind of angles and views can we expect? How about views from the ball flying in the air before it gets kicked by another player? Or views of the ball coming right into the goal? Adidas plans to release a new video on its YouTube channel every week as the ball travels around the world and ends up at the World Cup in Brazil.”

Take a look at the adidas trailer on YouTube: “I am brazuca, traveling around the world on my way to the 2014 FIFA World Cup™. Come join me as I meet some of the world’s best players, attend matches, and play with fans. With six eyes and 360º views, I will see and share the love of football around the globe like never before. Follow my journey on Twitter: #allin or nothing .”


And, of course, there is an official brazuca World Cup soccer ball for sale – at $159.99. Sorry, this version does not include any cameras. But it is the soccer ball they will be kicking this summer!

Clever Billboard Ads from Around the World

4 Apr

Billboard (outdoor) advertising can quite powerful.

In a recent HubSpot article, Sam Kusinitz identified 15 great examples (complete with photos and video clips). Here are two of them. The first is an ad from Nationwide Insurance’s “life comes at you fast” campaign. The second is a video of a comparative ad campaign by Audi and BMW.




Digital Advertising Continues to Soar Worldwide

3 Apr

As we know, digital advertising is growing strongly, often at the expense of print and other traditional media.

According to eMarketer, worldwide digital advertising was nearly $105 billion in 2012, representing about 21 percent of total media spending. In 2018, it is expected that worldwide digital advertising will reach $204 billion, about 31 percent of all media spending.

Click the chart to read more.


Lego Mania Goes Viral

6 Mar

The Lego Movie has turned out to be quite a global phenomenon. Click the image to visit the movie’s Web site.

According to Box Office Mojo, through March 4, 2014, the movie had grossed $333,000 worldwide — $212 million in the United States and $121 million in foreign markets. And, unlike some other blockbuster movies that cost much more to make, The Lego Movie cost $60 million to produce, making it highly profitable.

But The Lego Movie mania goes far beyond the popularity of the film itself. There have been a lot of promotional tie ins (see this article, for example). And Toys “R” Us even set up special displays for Lego movie figures.

Separate and apart from the recent movie, there is also a Lego “YouTube Spotlight” with a number of “fan-made” videos based on Lego characters. Many of the videos preceded the introduction of the movie — nonetheless, they extend Lego brand recognition and continue to be highly viewed. The most popular Lego movie in the spotlight is Battle of the Brick: Built for Combat, which has been viewed nearly 17 million times.

All in all, it’s a great time for Lego.

[Note: The video below, Battle of the Brick: Built for Combat, is 27 minutes long.]


Analytics and Social Media Marketing

4 Mar

With the growth of social media marketing has come the related increase in the use of analytics to measure the effectiveness of social media. As we have reported before, Google Analytics has been the leading tool for marketers in studying their social media performance.

Now, new research from Demand Metric (sponsored by NetBase) highlights how companies are using social media analytics. According to eMarketer,

“The rise in social media analytics tools has satisfied marketer demand for a way to measure and gather insights from social marketing efforts. Nearly two-thirds of organizations in North America have adopted them, according to a January 2014 study by Demand Metric sponsored by NetBase. And this group responded quickly to the release of such tools — over half of takeup had occurred in the previous two years. How are marketing professionals using social media analytics tools for optimization? The top response among those polled by Demand Metric was campaign tracking (60%). This was followed by brand analysis (48%) and competitive intelligence (40%).”



Should Marketers Be Climbing the Vine?

18 Feb

Is (owned by Twitter) ready to be the next “big thing” in social media? Already, it has generated some changes by competitor Instagram. When it was launched in late January 2013, Vine announced that it “We wanted to make it easier for people to create and share videos from a device we almost always have with us: our phone. Since then, you’ve shown time and again that video can bring us together in new and profound ways. You inspire us every day. Thank you for making our first year so special.”

As a more independent expert, Douglas Karr, reports for MarketingTechBlog: “Vine launched a year ago and has had quite a bit of success. Think of Vine as a video version of Twitter, where you record short clips of video and upload them. It’s not surprising that Twitter purchased Vine and integrated playing the videos from Twitter and their applications. When using the app, the camera records only while the screen is being touched, allowing you to do some nifty videos.”

Check out this infographic to see how well Vine is doing — and why marketers should take note!!


The Shopper of the Future Is Here!

25 Jan

Take a look at the popular and informative infographic below on shopping worldwide in 2014 and beyond.

As Nicky Yates observed for Social Media Week: “What if I told you that each time someone shares a product, a business makes $2.04? Or that mobile accounts for 15-20% of eBay’s purchases? How we shop is drastically changing; which means the retail industry is drastically changing. With mobile use increasing and the advent of contact-less payment options for stores, it’s an exciting time.

The infographic was prepared by,  which “offers a unique combination of Personal Shopping and fulfillment for high-end luxury gifts.”



The Governator Is Back for SB XLVIII

23 Jan

As the largest North American sporting event, the Super Bowl of football has also become the Super Bowl of advertising. And companies are always looking for creative ways to stand out in the crowd. Fox TV is certainly thrilled about SB XLVIII, since it has booked nearly $300 million in advertising.

This year, there are even teaser ads for ads coming on Super Bowl Sunday — sort of like trailers for movies, but a lot shorter.

One of the early entrants is Bud Light with its “Whatever Is Coming” campaign. Here are two Bud Light teaser clips, the first starring Arnold Schwarzenegger‎, formerly California’s “Governator” (a play on his role in the Terminator movies).




Lessons from the Holiday 2013 Hacking and Shipping Fiasco

10 Jan

Originally posted on Retailing: From A to Z by Joel Evans:

Now, that the dust has settled on the 2013 holiday shopping season, let’s take a look at two major problems that have impacted millions of shoppers.
As we all know, there were a lot of unhappy shoppers this past holiday season. Many were dismayed about the Target hacking problems that breached the accounts of millions of shoppers. And many others were upset about the snafus that caused UPS and FedEx to miss the delivery dates for some packages.
With regard to Target, Fox 40 in Sacramento reported today that: 
“The data breach at Target was significantly broader than originally reported. The company said Friday that 70 million customers had information such as their name, address, phone number, and E-mail address hacked in the breach. Target said the personal data stolen could affect its past shoppers — not just those who have visited the store recently. Customers who shopped in the weeks following…

View original 669 more words

Post-Holiday Shopping Tips

7 Jan

We offered a lot of holiday shopping tips last month. Here are several post-holiday shopping tips to keep in mind:

  1. January is a great month to shop. Retailers offer discounts to clear out the overstocks remaining from the holiday season.
  2. Keep looking at retailer ads and online comparison shopping sites to see if prices have come down on any of the holiday gifts you bought/received. Remember, many retailers will price match for up to 30 days AFTER purchases.
  3. Use your gift cards wisely: (a) According to federal regulations, you have a minimum of a year to use the cards. (b) Be aware of all of your gift card rights. Here is a link to a Consumer Reports’ article on general gift card rules. And here is one on state-by-state gift card rules. (c) Be careful not to get sucked in to buying more than you want and overspending the value of the gift cards. This is quite profitable for retailers.
  4. Continue to be a smart shopper. Comparison check big ticket items before buying. Keep looking for sales — they will be there throughout the year.

Happy shopping. :-)



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