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Best U.S. Schools for Business Majors by Earnings: Zarb Is in the Top Twenty

15 Apr

Evans on Marketing:

Zarb Means Business!


Originally posted on Zarb Means Business:

Great news for Hofstra University graduates overall and for Zarb School grads in particular!

According to the2013-2014 PayScale College Salary Report, Hofstra graduates ranked 69th out of 1,017 colleges and universities. 

For Zarb School graduates, the news in this report was especially good. Zarb School graduates ranked in a tie for 19th for mid-career pay; and Zarb was listed among the “Best Schools for Business Majors.”

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Highest-Paid Marketing Executives

14 Apr

As we’ve noted before, marketing can be a great career field. There are millions of diverse and interesting marketing jobs in the United States alone. And marketers are often paid well, too.

According to Forbes, the total annual compensation for each of the top fifteen chief marketing officers (CMOs) in the United States was at least $3.3 million in 2013. Kathryn Dill reports that:

“Chief executive officers may be the face of an organization, but it’s often chief marketing officers who are responsible for the branding and identity by which consumers readily identify a company. So how are c-suite-level creative forces being compensated? To get a sense of what top tier marketing executives earn, Forbes worked with executive compensation firm Equilar. The 15 names appearing on the list have the highest salaries of executives with the word ‘marketing’ in their job title at all publicly traded companies in the U.S.”

“Topping the list this year is David B. Fischer, Vice-President of Business and Marketing Partnerships at one of the country’s most recognizable brands, Facebook. An alum of Google and the U.S. Treasury Department, Fischer joined Facebook in 2010 and is credited with building the social networking giant’s robust advertising platform.  In 2013, Fischer earned a whopping $8,009,343.”

Click the image to access a Forbes’ slideshow and to read more.


Hats Off to HAMA

13 Apr

Evans on Marketing:

The strength of marketing at the Zarb School! :-)

Originally posted on Zarb Means Business:

Each year, the American Marketing Association   (AMA) holds a collegiate conference in New Orleans for several hundred student chapters. This year, HAMA (Hofstra’s student AMA chapter) did extremely well at the conference.

According to faculty advisor, Dr. Rick Wilson: “I’m pleased to announce that at this weekend’s American Marketing Association’s 36th Annual International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans, HAMA was awarded a spot in the coveted ‘Top 25′ list of best performing AMA chapters in North America. There are a total of 351 chapters.”

“In all, the chapter took home the following awards:

  1. Top 25 Chapter status
  2. Outstanding Professional Development
  3. Outstanding Chapter Planning
  4. Outstanding Chapter Communications
  5. Honorable Mention for Marketing Week activities
  6. Honorable Mention for the Case Competition”

Here’s a photo of our winning team. Congratulations.

HAMA in New Orleans

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An Infographic Primer on Self-Branding

11 Apr

As we have noted through several posts (click here, for example), self-branding is an essential tool in one’s career toolbox.

Here is a detailed infographic on self-branding by Seth Price of Placester and Barry Feldman of Feldman Creative (hosted at that offers more for you to think about.



A Zarb School Event: Self-Branding for Your Career

8 Apr

In today’s challenging economic climate, getting ahead is about standing out. Understanding and taking command of how you’re perceived by employers and peers is the key to long-term career success. Join us for a discussion of “Self-Branding for Career Growth” with Dr. Joel Evans, a Distinguished Professor at the Zarb School and Professor of Marketing and International Business, who has written and blogged extensively about personal branding and career management. Find out how to conduct a self-assessment, research the marketplace, develop your brand and make yourself relevant to employers.

There will also be an overview of Hofstra graduate programs.

The event is free but REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Click here for the registration form.

Tuesday, April 22
6 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Club 101
101 Park Ave, New York, NY (between 40 – 41st streets)


Tuesday, April 29
6 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Jewel Restaurant
400 Broad Hollow Rd, Melville, NY 11747

New Manhattan Offering for the Zarb MBA Program

3 Apr

Evans on Marketing:

Hofstra in the Big Apple!!

This is the correct link to the program. The link in the photo is wrong. :-(

Originally posted on Zarb Means Business:

The Zarb School is now offering an MBA program in the heart of Manhattan — targeted at those who work or live in Manhattan or its adjacent communities.

This program offers an accelerated MBA and is located at the Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital on East 64th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue. The 41 to 48 credit hybrid MBA cohort program in strategic business management is geared towards the working professional and can be completed in 28 months. The curriculum combines onsite and online classes enabling ease of accessibility and convenience. Most of the onsite classes are scheduled back to back, one night a week.

Applicants must have a minimum of three years of professional experience. In some cases, based on your academic and professional history, the GMAT may be waived.

Click the image to learn more.

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Is Your Resume Too Boring?

23 Mar

Are you doing enough to have your resume stand out?

As Jessica Holbrook Hernandez (CEO of Great Resumes Fast) writes for Careerealism, there are seven ways in which many resumes are not “quite cutting it.”

Take at a look at this slideshow to see Hernandez’s advice.



Building an Online Brand Reputation

9 Mar

Because it is so important, we have made a number of posts on self branding, such as this one. Today’s post shows how to build a better online self brand image.

As reported by Deborah Shane for

“The questions I get asked most frequently when working with people on their brand marketing and social marketing strategy are, ‘How do I build a following and build my reputation?’ and, ‘How do I get people to comment and re-tweet?’ The social media mentors I respect come from different arenas and all kind of say the same thing: Be authentic and real, create useful content, be consistent, engage in the conversation, and give more than you ask.Want to build your brand reputation? Here are some of my insights and some of the things I have learned that have helped me make amazing connections, grow my reach and business, and have a whole lot of fun sharing ideas and learning from others.”

Take a look at this slideshow based on Shane’s suggestions.


A Job Skills Infographic

4 Mar

Evans on Marketing:

A must read!

Originally posted on Evans on Marketing:

How do you stack up on this job skills infographic fromYoutern?

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Careers in Marketing: Sharpen Your Digital Skills

1 Mar

In planning for the next phase of your career, think digital. There are — and will be — a lot of opportunities out there. :-)




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